Got employees, which seem to be indulged in suspicious cell phone usage? Or teens and tweens who always leave the room to take a call? Is it your spouse who has suddenly begun to go out a lot more than usual and their number seems to be busy almost ALL the time? Then it’s time for you to take some necessary measures. 

What is Ambient Recording?
In aforementioned instances, using an impressive ambient recording app could assist you immensely. Using a safe and professional ambient recording app could assist you in employee and child monitoring as well as catching your cheating partner!

So what is this app capable of? An ambient recording app allows you to record the surroundings where the target phone is at that moment. You can remotely turn on the microphone of target cell phone and the app begins to record the surrounding sounds. 

You may come across tons of spying tools online that come with the ambient recording feature but only a limited number of apps actually deliver what they promise. It is not easy for a person, having no technical know-how, to make the best decision while getting a spy app. XNSPY ranks among the best mobile spy apps available in the market today. It comes with a lot of great features and its advanced ambient recording feature makes it an ideal ambient recording app suitable for your needs. 

Why You Need an Ambient Recording App – The Benefits:
With an efficient ambient recording app, quite a number of secrets and problems will be solved automatically. Rather than spying on the cell phone activities, installing XNSPY, that is one of the best mobile spy apps, could tell you a lot more.
Employee Monitoring:
A large number of companies issue cell phones to the employees and are not for personal use but employees tend to exploit that. By equipping the company provided cell phones with XNSPY ambient recording app, employees can be monitored. The recorded sounds are then sent to your online account where you could listen to them. 

Parental Control:
If you have reason to believe that your kids are lying to you and are being vague about their whereabouts, by installing one of the best mobile spy apps XNSPY could assist you in imposing better safety measures. With XNSPY’s ambient recording feature, you can know about the surroundings of your children and the kind of people they are hanging out with and the conversations they are having. 

Catch Your Cheating Partner with Proof:
If your partner is acting sneaky and lying to you, installing a mobile spy app could get you a better picture of your relationship. If your partner is staying out a lot with their so-called friends, attending calls at odd times, then you could get an ambient recording app which will record the surrounding sounds as well as record calls, so you can know if you are being lied to and cheated on. 

The best thing is that your partner would not even know that they are being spied on. 

How does XNSPY Ambient Recording App Work? 
All you need to do is simply install XNSPY on the phone which you want to keep a check on. When you remotely switch on the target phone’s microphone, it records the surrounding sounds and then sends them to your online account where you could listen to them. This remote command also includes the time limit for which you want the recording to be carried out. 

Xnspy allows you to listen in on the conversations taking place where the target phone is. You just have to send remote commands to the target phone for recording the surroundings. Moreover, you get to view the time and date stamps for each ambient recording which you can counter check with your child or partner if they had lied about their whereabouts. 

XNSPY works smoothly with both iOS and Android devices that makes it an incredible ambient recording app as well as one of the best mobile spy apps out there. 

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