The first half of 2018 is unsurprisingly filled to the brim with advancements in science, technology, and industry. A lot of these innovations have already hit the market in the form of new consumer electronics.

If you're a gadget and tech enthusiast looking for a new tool or toy, the wide selection of gizmos and doodads currently available can overwhelm your senses. Below is a curated list of our top suggestions to help you out on your quest.

Virtual reality headsets

The future of entertainment is likely in virtual reality. While current VR technologies are still somewhat costly and still underperforming, having one of these headsets will show you a promising glimpse of humanity's near-future within cyberspace. For now, you'll have to settle for a limited selection of VR games and applications.

Cutting-edge smartphones

We're talking about flagship-tier handsets with features like Quad HD bezel-less displays, DSLR-quality cameras, facial recognition technology, and top-of-the-line hardware. Getting one of these premium phones will set your bank account back, but you get to equip yourself with a powerful, versatile gadget.

Signal booster kits

Even in this day and age, spotty mobile reception can still be a recurring, irritating problem. If you're a professional or entrepreneur that's dependent on having a strong cell connection, especially to 3G and 4G Internet services, then it would be wise to invest in cell phone signal boosters. These devices can easily erase signal dead spots and can greatly improve your pad's reception.

Lightweight gaming laptops

Gaming-grade laptops used to be bulky, heavy pieces of technology. Nowadays? Not anymore - for some of them, anyway. While these laptops are still relatively expensive compared to their office-tier brethren, the ability to game on the go is a godsend for stress relief. Plus, these powerful laptops have better performance as well as durability.

Noise-canceling headsets

The world is a noisy place. What better way to drown out the annoying noises of daily life than with your favorite tunes. The best noise-canceling headphones are generally expensive, but you don't have to pick up the top-of-the-line brands to get a decent one. Gear Hungry have a large selection of headphones for you to choose from.

Solar backpacks

All your portable gadgets need power to function. You might as well get extra juice for your gizmos from the sun. These lightweight backpacks are outfitted with solar cells and batteries that work in tandem to charge your electronics.

Encrypted flash drives

Protect your precious data by storing it in a portable, encrypted flash drive. These nifty thumb drives are secured by passcodes and sometimes have virus and malware security suites installed.

Powerful power banks

Get one of those multi-port power banks with a hefty capacity. For this gadget, it's best to purchase from a trusted brand, as there are plenty of unscrupulous manufacturers that make substandard, faulty versions. You don't want your power bank exploding and taking out your connected gadgets.


OLED - organic light-emitting diode - televisions are the new hotness nowadays for videophiles and Netflix chillers. This new display technology boasts deeper blacks, vibrant and more accurate colors, better viewing angles, as well as crazy-thin designs. Be prepared to shell out a lot of cash for one of these babies, given their current astronomical pricing.