“Video allows us to tell the great stories of our customers, rather than our own.” – @bo_tweetrick

In the modern world, the importance of videos can’t be underestimated. They are used for a variety of purposes, the most common of which is marketing. Working with a video involves a lot of time and patience. Sometimes it also requires substantial server capacity.

The new and improved way to edit a video is to do it in a cloud. With cloud computing gaining more popularity due its evident advantage, these tech advances have been incorporated into the video production industry as well, with giants like Google, Adobe and Amazon providing cloud-based video-editing software. Depending on your business, resources and the purpose of your videos, using cloud-based software might be the perfect choice for you. 

AWS offers OpenShot Video Editor to help you create, edit, animate, and much more. Such videos can easily be integrated into websites, mobile and desktop apps, and any HTTP request supporting programming languages.

This video editor has a low learning curve while being extremely powerful. After spending many hours reviewing the service, the leading experts from Astudio video & photography production in Dubai believe that both amateurs and experienced users will find this editor to be highly useful.

  • AWS OpenShot Video Editor’s Main Features
  • Support for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Fast trimming and slicing
  • Big variety of animation features (fading, sliding, etc.) + 3D animation
  • Unlimited layers
  • Various video effects
  • Audio file visualization
  • Title editor (over 40 templates are included)
  • Slow and fast motion effects
  • Drag and drop import

AWS OpenShot video editor gets excellent reviews from a variety of users. Editing videos has become easier. The pay-per-use pricing model is appealing to the majority of video editors. The open-source desktop video editor allows you to create a template. Then you go further to modify it using Cloud API.

You are paying just for the time you are running the instance. Amazon bills you automatically at the end of the month. OpenShot Cloud API offers a flat rate per hour. The prices begin at $0.15 per hour, which doesn’t include EC2 server fees.

Even though video editing in the cloud has a few disadvantages, it’s the next step in the video editing evolution. AWS OpenShot Video editor is a fairly priced tool, which can speed up video integration, reduce the storage costs, and improve collaboration.