iPhone spy app with lot of reliable and powerful features can play a great role in parental control with the rapid growth of young iPhone users. The iPhone is like a double sword which brings both benefits and harms to children. To protect children from potential dangers online, parents may desperately to know what is an iPhone spy app and how it works as a parental control tool nowadays.

Why Use iPhone Spy App Nowadays?
It’s not surprising if today’s kids have iPhone and use it every day. In fact, we can say that mobile gadget like iPhone has become an inseparable part of their life and activity. This can be really beneficial as well as dangerous for your kids. The beneficial aspect is your kid will be able to use it to find information and learn many things from it. However, the dangerous factor of this free using iPhone is your kid can access information, subject, games and other, that shouldn’t be accessed by your kids’ age.

Fortunately, you can deal with this problem, by using iPhone spy app. Just like its name, this app will act as a spy. It will monitor the iPhone where you install it. Therefore, if you install it on your kids’ iPhone, you will know their activities with their iPhone. Then, if you find anything suspicious or activities that your kids shouldn’t do, you can take precaution act to protect your kids. Now, what you need to do is finding best iPhone app that has this kind of strong parental control function. For that reason, we recommend you with iKeyMonitor.

What is iKeyMonitor iPhone Spy App?
We can say that iKeyMonitor is one of the best parental control apps for iPhone. The iKeyMonitor app also has many features and functionality that allow you to have real control over your kids’ iPhone. This isn’t only making your job in preventing inappropriate content to be accessed by your kids, easier. But, you also can use it for many different purposes, including creating a schedule for playing and study, for your kids.

The Remote Control Features
iKeyMonitor has jailbreak spy version and non-jailbroken spy version. Jailbreak spy version needs physical installation, while no installation is needed for non-jailbroken. And users can view the logs remotely without access the device. The remote feature can be said as the best feature you can get from iKeyMonitor. With this feature, you don’t need to access your kids’ iPhone physically, to find out about how they use their iPhone. To use no jailbreak spy solution, what you need is only iCloud ID and Password for that iPhone. Once you have that, you can use it on iKeyMonitor, and you will get the data log of that iPhone usage. Just remember, this feature is only for no jailbreak spy service.

Monitoring Features
What kind of information can you get using iKeyMonitor? There are many. With this app, you can see the SMS and chatting log from your kids’ iPhone. This is included all different kinds of chatting app, so you can really monitoring how your kids use iPhone for chatting and send a message to their friends.
You also can use its tracking features, for finding more about the iPhone GPS, call log and many more. You can even look at that iPhone picture, photo, voice message and many more. So, this app offers a real full protection for your kids.

Phone Control Features
This is maybe the best features you can get from iKeyMonitor. With App Blocker and Screen Time Limit feature, you can really control how your kids will use their iPhone. For example, if you don’t want your kid to access games that are bad for them, you can block it with this feature. However, the most useful function of this feature is you can limit how long the usage of the application in your kids iPhone. So, when the time for study and finishing the homework come, you can make that your kid unable to use the app or games on their iPhone. You also can control the usage during bedtime period. 
Please note that the features of app blocker and screen time limitation only works for jailbreak iPhone spy.

Overall, iKeyMonitor is a really good application for protecting your kids. This is the real parental control app that can help you to monitor your kids’ iPhone. Moreover, you can purchase the license for this iPhone app at an affordable price.