Everytime you log into the Internet, a whole lot of information is exchanged between your system and the client server. Some of this information could be critical that you do not want the outside world to know. 

For instance, your credit card number or your online banking credentials. 

But, how do you ensure nobody is snooping on these details even without your knowledge?

Enter, SSL certificate. SSL certificate is a bit sized file which encrypts information exchanged between user browser and the client server. 

Why do you need SSL certificates?

Like we explained before, information broadcasted on the Internet is not always safe from hackers. Interacting with websites that are weak in security can lead to potential loss of your private data too, like your credit card details. 

You need a strong encryption system that will safeguard the data from being stolen or intercepted by third parties. SSL certificates fill that gap.

SSL certificates work on the principle of cryptography. They encrypt files into a scrambled form such that nobody else other than authorized users with the private keys for unscrambling data are able to access it. 

To ensure that the encryption is done the right way, an SSL certificate binds together information like:

The domain, server or the hosting name.

The organization identity of the website like the owner and their location.

Where one can get SSL certificates from?

Online security vendors and SSL certificate providers like Cheap SSL Shop help you find and buy the right SSL certificate that is best suited to your business. 

Be informed that not every business would require the same kind of SSL certificate. There are different types of SSL certificate each with its own varying level of security and encryption. 

Depending on the type of SSL certificate you choose, the level of protection your website receives will also vary. 
Various types of SSL certificates
SSL certificates can be broadly classified on the basis of validation level and the number of domains/subdomains that they secure. 

On the basis of validation level, they are classified into:

Domain Validation Certificates

Organization Validation Certificates

Extended Validation Certificates

On the basis of domains that they secure, they are classified into:

Single Domain certificates

Multi-Domain Certificates

Wildcard SSL Certificates

Now let’s see each type of SSL in detail. 

Domain Validation Certificates

DV SSL certificates are the lowest forms of SSL certificates. The CA issue the certificate to the said domain and being controlled by the organization. A DV SSL certificate gives your website a HTTPS tag which offers various benefits including SEO advantage and customer trust enhancement. 

Organization Validation Certificates

Organization validation certificates are a step above DV SSL certificates. In addition to ensuring domain ownership, the Certificate Authority also ensures through background verification that the organization is authentic. The city, country and the place of operations, etc. of the organization are also verified in OV SSL certificates.

Extended Validation certificates

Extended Validation Certificates are perhaps the highest form of SSL certificates available in the market. They are issued after rigorous checking process which establish the ownership of the domain and the business owner, their location and so on. As a result, EV certificates also take time for verification and issuance by the Certificate Authority. 

While validation is a decisive factor in choosing SSL certificates, the number of domains you want to protect with SSL certificates are also equally important. 

Here is how SSL certificates vary from each other in terms of number of domains they secure:

Single Domain SSL Certificate

As the name suggests, this type of certificate can be used to secure only one domain. For instance, if you have a personal website, you can use a single domain SSL certificate to secure the website and its directory. It does not secure subdoamins. 

Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

Multi-domain SSL certificates are known by different names. SAN and Unified SSL certificates to name the most popular alternatives. The prime benefit of multi-domain SSL certificates is that, they help you secure up to 100 domains using a single SSL certificate. As a matter of fact, these are the best options to go for if you want to secure communication in a Microsoft Exchange or Office Communications Environment. 

Wildcard SSL Certificate

A Wildcard SSL Certificate works where a single domain SSL certificate fails. You can secure any number of subdomains hosted under single website using a Wildcard SSL certificate. It is referred to as a Wildcard SSL Certificate because, the wildcard is denoted by a special character, usually an asterisk “*” which you can use to secure any number of subdomains. 

This is how a Wildcard SSL Certificate would work like:

There is one more type, or rather a possible way to create your own SSL certificate. It is a self-signed SSL certificate. They are not advised if you want to secure an online store, your business website or an account login page. 

A self-signed SSL certificate is signed by the its creator himself. For instance, the organization wants to secure its intranet using a homegrown SSL certificate. A self-signed certificate can take care of that. It saves money and the need to rely on external providers. However, the trouble with a self-signed SSL certificate is that they may not be as secure as a CA issued SSL certificate. 

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