PC gaming is becoming big day by day. With the emergence of new games, people prefer it to other gaming consoles. Pc gaming is on another whole level of its own. It is competitive, awesome and has very cool graphics. 

When a professional computer builder starts putting together a list of the components he will need for a fast gaming machine, he wants a fast processor and a motherboard to support it, a good graphics card, a large hard drive, plenty of ram, and a power supply large enough to handle it all. Of course, he will also need the basic computer parts like a case that won't allow a lot of noise to distract the gamer. To make it start up quickly and to allow the games to work at a fast speed, an SSD card can be used.

One must also consider where he will display his new gaming computer. For that purpose consider the Arozzi gaming desk review.

Today's gaming requires intense graphic capabilities because of their high frames per second scenes. The games are said to have powerful gaming engines. They are constantly renovated and become more powerful. Every year the games become more intense. That is why gaming hardware becomes obsolete quickly.

Video Card

The graphics card is one of the most important parts of a gaming machine. Also known as a video card or a graphics acceleration card, the display card is an expansion card with its own chip set and usually its own fan to keep it cool during operation. It can be removed and upgraded as games become more intense. It renders 3D images to the monitor. These can be purchased at varying prices from a couple of hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars for the best, fastest cards. Which card to buy is dictated by the builder's budget.

ATI (AMD graphics division) and Nvidia manufacture most of the graphics expansion cards available. The builder must decide which card to buy based on FPS(frames per second) ratings, cooling capabilities and internal processor - after deciding what his price range is.


The central processing unit is the component that is the basis of the rest of the computer building process, It must be powerful enough to handle the load that is put on it by the powerful video card. AMD and Intel are the best known manufacturers of CPU chips. Multiple core chips are the best. The best are quad core or more in both manufactured versions. The highest core chips with the most cache are the ones to strive to get, but your budget again will give your limitations. Buy a boxed CPU chip that comes with a heatsink and fan to make building easier.


The motherboard must be compatible with the CPU and it should have a graphics card slot. Find one that will allow for a lot of RAM with two or more slots. SATA connectors are the best for the newer hard drives and the Blu-Ray/DVD drives. Find a board with sound and network capabilities to save on added extension cards.


Random access memory should be at least 2GB of DDR2 or DDR3. 4 GB is nice to have and many machine builders use up to 16 GB. Get the kind of RAM the motherboard supports.

Hard Drive

The data is stored on the hard drive. You need more storage for gaming. It should be a 3.5 inch drive for your gaming desktop. Most common gaming machines use a terabyte or bigger hard drive. Make sure the speed of the drive is 7200 rpm. They are the most inexpensive storage option for desktop gaming machines. When shopping for a hard drive see all of TVGB's recommendations here.


To get the full effects of 3D gaming, a widescreen LCD capable of at least 1920 X 1080 resolution is recommended.

An SSD drive is not required and can be quite expensive but it does speed up system start and makes game loading quick. Let your budget decide about and extra SSD.

The rest of your components are probably already owned but you can opt for a gaming mouse, a game controller, or a gaming keyboard.

The right components of your gaming system will be ultimately decided by your own budget, but the better the components the better the gaming system.