We all have at least one special person in our lives who is a certified gamer. Someone who has always put aside a little time and money to spend on the latest game release or the next piece of vintage equipment from their childhood. As the next special day approaches, be it a birthday or perhaps Valentine's day, we look to purchase a thoughtful gift for our gamer. In this article we will discuss some of the best gift options available to the gamer in your life!

 First get a little information about your gamer's preferences. If they sit at a computer desk while they play you know that they like PC games. If their gaming is done on a television it is more likely they use a console to play their games. Pay attention to any characters or branding on T-shirts, key chains, pins, or bumper stickers. If you are unable to get any of this information or you are just not sure which way to go we will cover some other options as gift ideas for gamers.

 Let’s talk about control. A console gamer can always use a fresh controller. Through continuous button mashing and the occasional rage quit the controllers take a beating. Many variations of controllers are available for each console, some geared toward certain game genres. A safe bet in this area is the standard controller that comes with the console, no gamer will be displeased with this gift! On the PC side we have the keyboard and mouse. A good gaming keyboard can be very costly but there are some affordable options out there as well. A mouse can come in many styles some even resembling the old school joysticks. There are even controllers that look very much like console controllers that are plugged in the the PC via USB.

Video game swag is another popular gift idea for any gamer. If you did happen to notice a game or character on an article of clothing perhaps you could continue that trend. A winter hat, pair of funny socks, tie, or pair of fluffy slippers with your beloved gamer's favorite character or game will be sure to please! A gamer will often enjoy a toy as well. A young gamer may enjoy playing with a toy based on their favorite game while an older gamer may tuck the toy away as a collectors item.

Let us now cover the gift options for a buyer who just isn't comfortable finding the proper video game related gift. Snacks are always a safe bet! A favorite drink, type of candy, or flavor of chips in a large container with the words "Happy Gaming" will come in handy on those late night gaming marathons. As an added bonus, snacks and drinks are often available in video game themes!Comfort is also crucial to every gamer. A new computer chair with adjustable supports or a new reclining seat can be just the ticket for a useful gamer gift. Gift cards are useful last minute gifts as well. The console manufacturer usually offers gift cards for their online services and there are streaming services for PC gamers.

 We hope that after reading this you are better prepared to select the best gift available for the special gamer in your life. Do not let a lack of gaming knowledge deter you from giving a gift that will truly be enjoyed. Gaming stores are also staffed with gaming people. Feel free to walk on in and ask some questions. Tell them about this article and see what they can offer!