In the twenty first century having everything all at once has come to be taken as a given, from our food right through to our branding – because let’s just face it we are getting cars that can drive themselves, so why wait when the future is on our doorsteps. 

Hence, when you are next busy deciding on how to market your products or even just how to communicate consider live streaming it really is the best thing since sliced bread. Or at least that is a good way to explain it to your grandma. Now you might be wondering whether live streaming is or isn’t for you, therefore we decided to help you out and break down the pros and cons of streaming live to your fans.

The streaming benefits have been fully explained for live online news now. If you need extra tips watch live msnbc news streaming and see how they handle the live online stream medium. Any more pros and cons of live streaming that we forgot or are you ready to film your first live stream? 


It’s available everywhere
From YouTube through to Google+, you can live stream just about anywhere you want including Facebook Live and of course, websites that are dedicated to live streaming. 
Anyone can do it

The nice thing about live streaming is that it doesn’t take a degree in video engineering and a sign off from the president of NASA just to get you going. No, no ridiculous instructions here, live streaming is truly accessible for all. And with the new technology you don’t even need fancy equipment, cameras or microphones; you can simply use your smartphone. Talk about having the world in the palm of your hand.

Pulled in
Interaction is key, having people feel like they’re in the room with you as you are speaking is really what it is all about. No wonder virtual reality is taking over. Live streaming enables anyone and everyone with a smartphone or Internet access to engage in the conversation with you in real time. They can see what you’re seeing, hear what you’re hearing and feel what you’re feeling even when you are separated by millions of miles of distance. Technology really brings people together.


Legal issues
First off, live means no editing of incorrect language or offensive terms or promises about products that may not be entirely true. As if that weren’t enough did we mention downloading; now certain sites do have the option for you to download the streamed videos and others do not. Whether or not you choose to make your video available to download is entirely up to you, however you should note that if you do make it available to download you could end up in embroiled in piracy and other such legal issues. 

Technical issues can happen in live streaming that may not necessarily happen when producing uploaded videos. For example it could not load in real time, leading to constant buffering, the sound could play moments after the action or any other number of technical incidents could occur. Unfortunately live is more unpredictable due to it being uncontrolled.