Casinos are more high-tech than you think. And thanks to movies, we see many of these technologies mentioned, though not elaborated for our understanding. One of the reasons behind implementing these technologies is to prevent fraud and to beef up security measures. Here are a few of them you'd probably never heard of: 

OCR, Apps, and More

There are a breadth of technologies used in online casinos and they can range from the normal day-to-date offerings in desktop and app access. What's interesting is that some of these have developed live casinos that are run by human dealers so that players can take part in the games using whichever platform they prefer or that's available. 

OCR, or Optical Character Recognition is used by these live casinos to enable mobile players to participate to recreate a real-life environment, rather than have the player play against an automated program. 

The advancement of this is making things interesting as these companies strive to create a more immersive experience for players, making is as close to the real thing as possible. 


The barrier to entry to participate in a live casino gaming environment would be security, and as with anything online, it becomes a deterrent if the live casino a player is joining doesn't provide a similar if not just as secure level a real-life casino would offer. 

With SSL data encryption protocols, live casinos use some of the same security as banks to incorporate a better secure environment. They use 128 or 256 bit encryption that randomizes important information to protect personal and financial information. For your reference, even a 128 bit key encryption would be incredibly difficult to crack while a 256 bit key encryption would make it at least 340 billion times harder to crack. 

Rest assured, your financial information is very safe. 

Virtual Reality

With advancements into new sorts of tech, VR is making its step into the online gaming world by offering an even more immersive experience to all of this. Players are able to wear headsets that connect to them to environments where they can feel they are in a real-life casino instead of just sitting in front of a computer. 

This of course, is still in its infancy but it's definitely due to take its place in immersive gaming, making it one of the most interesting tech spaces to be in. 

From interacting with other players to even the dealer, there's a lot this tech can offer to the experience overall.