You can prepare for success before you launch your product or start selling your service, by spending time creating a buzz about your business before you even launch. By doing this work before you officially launch your business, you can have a dedicated community, the trust and credibility needed to succeed online, and can even become a leader in your niche. All you need to do is to start up a website: 

1. Create the Bare Bones 
Before you can think about gaining a large following, you first need to get visitors to your page to stay there. Do this by using a website creator to create a beautiful landing page and website. These are the bare bones. You need an attractive website so that you can entice visitors to stay and read and engage with the content on your website. Getting them there is only half the battle, after all, the other half is keeping them there! 

2. Create Valuable Content 
When you are creating a website and community to help ensure the success of your business, you need to become a thought leader in your industry. Do this by providing users with unique insights and news from within the industry. The more valuable and shareable your content, the more your name will get out there. Use this time to increase your SEO and site visibility, so that by the time you launch, you’ll be a trusted name on the internet. 

3. Use Social Media to Your Advantage
Each social media platform has their own advantages and disadvantages. As such, you should use each medium individually, instead of cross-posting. This means turning off automatic sharing systems and sharing posts, photos, and videos exclusively to one platform. That way you can craft posts that are more likely to be engaged with. Social media is a great way to create a community that will follow your work and share the content you produce with their friends and family. 

4. Launching 
Once you have a following any business owner would dream to have, it’s time to finally launch your website. You should have used the time while you were building up your website’s reputation to finalize and plan for the launch of your business. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes action that needs to happen, and using that time to create an engaged community is a great way to multi-task. 

Once you have launched, you can give your fans and dedicated followers a discount code or, even better, implement a referral program. This will give you a great head start, as you’ll be able to market to your followers, and their friends as well. 

The amount of work you put in before you launch a business will determine how well you will succeed. If you are known as a reputable and leader in your industry, you’ll naturally end up being high on Google’s search result list, simply do to how many times your website has been linked to. This, coupled with real fans, will help grow your business organically, without the typical slow start.