Video games are the biggest selling and most popular form of entertainment on the planet. For years and years people have been playing games on various devices that vary from handheld consoles to slightly larger ones, PC and mobile amongst others. For the most part, people have simply played game for entertainment’s purposes. As a way to relax or to pass the time. There has always been a slight underlying competitiveness where some titles have been concerned but nothing ever too serious.

Over recent times, that competitive edge has started to increase quite quickly, especially after the introduction of the internet to the gaming world. Being able to play online not only allowed people to play along with friends, it also let them play against them too. This opened the door for competitive gaming and over the last few years this has really taken off on a global scale, in the form of eSports.

eSports has become huge and it is really starting to take over. There are many titles that are now involved heavily in competitive gaming. From FIFA and Rocket League, right through to the likes of DOTA, Counter-Strike and League of Legends, there are millions of gamers around the world who are gaming competitively on a regular basis. With prize money being handed out over the course of a 12 month period in the multi millions, you can certainly see why it’s so appealing to so many. Testimony to the growing dominance of eSports is that main stream established sports betting brands like Unibet, have begun to cover the sport and provide a host of betting markets.

So with the whole competitive edge combined with the fact that people stand to win money and prizes based on their gaming abilities, you can certainly see why eSports has everything needed to dominate our lives. People spend a lot of time practising and training in order to improve their skills to compete competitively on whichever game they play. They’re constantly looking to hone their techniques in an attempt to better their chances when it comes to eSports. For some people, competitive gaming is their job, meaning it’s a huge part of their everyday life. 

Streaming was one of the main reasons competitive gaming and eSports really took off in the first place and it still plays a huge role today. This is because the majority of eSports tournaments and events are streamed live on platforms such as Twitch. Not only that but when people aren’t playing games, they’re watching others play them. Watching other people stream themselves playing video games is now a form of entertainment and people aren’t just watching for fun either. 

Some people watch other competitive gamers stream in order to get an idea of how they play or to try and improve their own skills and techniques. There’s also a huge community aspect surrounding eSports and that has also been integral in making eSports the huge trend that it is. With competitive gaming now a very serious matter in many people’s lives, it’s no surprise to see it get regular coverage on television and in the written press; plus you can now even place sports bets on it too. eSports is only going to continue to grow in popularity, gaining more players and fans along the way.