It is common knowledge today that technological devices have shifted from the use of static PCs to the much more dynamic use of mobile devices. Unlike the increasingly declining PC sales, smartphone and tablet sales skyrocketed. 

All smartphone manufacturers are competing to release the latest devices with high specifications so that the product crowded hunted people from this high specification not many users are able to use it optimally. You can try premium app monetization to increase your sale.

Yes! Indeed, smartphones and tablets now owned by people not only because of its function, the aroma of prestige and prestige also embellish when a prospective buyer determines his choice of smartphone. So, what with the effectiveness in the marketing process? Of course, there is!

From data released by Nielsen, average US smartphone or tablet users spend 60 hours a week viewing the content their smartphones provide. Imagine, 60 hours! This amount is greater than the average work time in a week that is only 40 hours, and certainly well above the average time spent on watching TV in a week. This figure cannot be separated from mobile and dynamic smartphone features, it can be used to access content anywhere, from while waiting in line, while relaxing, waiting for an order to come in the restaurant, or even sitting in a closet!

The more diverse applications in smartphones allegedly become one of the reasons why the level of smartphone use is very high. There are always apps that help you do a job. Start from messaging, save notes at meetings, calculate the distance taken during jogging, find a good place to eat, or just with the price of tired sewing with playing games.
A large number of users that result in more frequent access to mobile content on smartphones, will certainly one step further increase the probability of success of a marketing program. You have a good product, but not necessarily good sales not many people know. By targeting smartphone users, one of the requirements for the marketing process your product can be successfully fulfilled. With premium app monetization, your sales target is guaranteed to increase.

Compared to the conventional way, marketing by utilizing the media smartphone has some advantages Some inside are:

1. Selection of more focused market segments.
2. Accurate geographical mapping.
3. You can directly generate sales.
4. Viral Marketing.

With the increasing predictions of smartphone usage in the world, it is becoming increasingly clear that mobile marketing is one of the most powerful ways to drive your marketing program. Even if you now have taken advantage of this one marketing medium, you can not necessarily say one step ahead. But if you still persist with conventional and rigid marketing methods, it is certain that you have lagged behind hundreds of thousands of steps behind your competitors.

So, quickly determine your step in the world of digital marketing the most dynamic, mobile marketing!