Are you still struggling to get your essay to the quality that will impress those who will read it? In this article, we will let you in on a secret. Whether you want to write a successful academic essay, a Facebook post, or an application letter for admission in a college or for a job, the internet has made everybody's life a lot easier. But why are people not using these tools then if they are available? The answer is simple; they don't know about them.

Essay Service 

The people at know one thing about student life; sometimes there is just no time to meet all the demands of the different professors. It’s not as if these professors coordinate to see what other work you have. When they want you to write an essay, they just give the command and you have to see how to get it all done. The advantage of essay writing services is that they employ experts in these fields and the really good ones will never miss your deadline. Another great thing about this essay writing service is that you actually get a chance to select your own writer. Before you are totally satisfied with the work, they don’t ask you to pay a single penny. This is something that most essay services don’t do. 

The Hemingway Editor 

For many students, the biggest challenge lies in constructing sentences that are short enough but still convey the message. Also, the use of unnecessary words is what gets a lot of professors irritated. Another problem faced by many essay writers is using too much passive voice. The Hemingway Editor is the solution for all these issues. It is a great tool suitable for writers of all ages. If you use words that are difficult to understand, the Hemingway Editor will identify such words and advise you to change them.  The great thing is that you are not forced to follow all the advice dispensed. If you feel that a word which is flagged as being difficult to understand is the one that you want, you can still keep it. 

Grammarly editor 

Whether you’re a professor or a student, there is no way you can know all the complicated English grammar rules. This is especially the case for the student who has to write essays under pressure almost all the time. The tool to help you mitigate this challenge is the Grammarly Editor. Many people believe that this tool is only useful for writers who are not writing in their first language. This is simply untrue. Even native English speakers still make grammatical mistakes. Sometimes it’s not even about grammatical mistakes, the editor will correct names of places and some common typing errors that are not easy to identify.  

Cite This For Me 

With so many different citation styles and rules by different colleges and universities, it’s understandable why many students struggle with a citation. The unfortunate thing about citation is that if you have not attended to it with care, you could lose important marks that could be the difference between a first class degree and an average one or a pass and a fail. Cite This For Me is a website where you simply enter the work that you want to include in your bibliography and the tool gives you the full citation according to the style which you selected. 


Many students associate the Thesaurus with looking for a word that could be used in the place of another when they start thinking that certain words have been overused in the essay. The Thesaurus is actually more than this. It contains over 270 000 antonyms, synonyms, idiomatic phrases and other linked words. If you are wondering how a word you want to use is used in sentences, the Thesaurus will give you examples of how the words are used in context. Hence, it would be a travesty if students just think of this tool as just a list of synonyms; it can be a great tool to help students produce more impressive essays.

The great thing is that most of these tools are free to use and those that require payment are reasonably priced. This is especially pertinent if one considers that most students generally live on tight budgets. Once you start using these tools, you will notice improvements in your writing and your professors will start giving you marks you thought were not possible before.