The progress of technology is far from stagnant in this day and age. Every day software engineers and developers are proudly displaying a new device or product, which will help shape the future. Every industry is having to adapt to keep up with the pace and the online gaming industry is no exception. 

Online gaming is itself a relatively new phenomenon. Having access to practically any slot game, casino table game, or parlour game from anywhere in the world with a mobile device would have been inconceivable just a few decades ago. Some may even remember a time when gambling was limited to real-life games, such as roulette and poker, and video gaming wasn’t even an option. Today, the online gaming industry has been firmly established and it seems that virtual reality is the way of the future for online gamblers.

VR Technology 

VR technology is used to simulate an artificial environment. Players wear headgear which makes it seem as though they have stepped into a digital world. The 3D effect and the perfect animations create a truly realistic atmosphere and it can be hard to distinguish between reality and artificiality. Many online casinos and games developers have decided to use this technology to offer players an enhanced gaming experience. The 2D gaming currently offered doesn’t quite capture the atmosphere of a casino, but VR can perfectly replicate a casino environment.

Upcoming Releases

VR slots will be mainstreamed and commercialized in the very near future and soon the online casino market will be inundated with cutting-edge, futuristic VR slots. The first major software developer to produce a VR game was NetEnt, who announced it will be soon releasing a VR slot game called, “Gonzo’s Quest.” 

There are a range of online casinos now devoted to VR gaming, with several partnering up with cutting-edge software developers to successfully produce virtual reality video slots. The challenge was to create games with the new tech which still offered gamers the same level of playability and fairness as a regular video slot. 

Although teething problems are to be expected, online gamers are used to perfection and expect nothing less, even from brand new cutting-edge technology. 


The VR casinos and games have steadily  improved since the technology first became available and are now heavily praised for their entertainment value. VR technology still has a way to go and the gaming world is anxiously anticipating what online casinos will look like in the next decade. It’s still not clear how VR will develop and what new innovations will be added, but one thing is for certain: VR is the way of the future and the face of online gaming will soon be changed dramatically.