It is quite unusual to find a guide on using a mouse pad when you are already compelled to feel that each one is like the other and the only difference is the brand name. This article challenges that belief and brings to you the ways in which a mouse pad should be used properly and addresses the concern of how it is not just a generic piece of computer equipment. 

After this guide you will most probably find something you were doing wrong with your mouse pad, and it is a good idea to make amends and enhance your computer usage experience like never before.

1. Which Side up?

Here is a little test you can conduct on your own; if there is a flip side of your extended mouse pad for example which you have not been using for gaming, try to flip it and then run your mouse around. You will see that even the flip side allows the cursor complete mobility. 

The reason it is important to know this difference is because if you have been facing the problem of your mouse pad slipping underneath the smooth surface it is kept on, there is a chance that you have been keeping it upside down all along. The smooth surface is meant for the laser mouse to rest on while the rougher one is for the grip underneath.

2. Smoothness of the Surface

There is a limitation in mat-style mouse pads which are kept on the surface of the desk where your computer is set on. If the surface is bumpy and does not run in a smooth flow then there is a strong chance that despite of you having a mouse pad the increase in performance of your mouse will not be any significant. 

This might not hinder people who use computers for general documentation or slow gaming purposes but for proper standard minded gamers it is a great inconvenience to have your mouse add/take away from the sensitivity level that you have set your mouse on. The solution to this is to make sure that the surface where you keep the mouse pad on is as smooth as possible so that the transition from good to great performance is marked and very significant.

3. Identifying Your Purpose

So you go out to the electronic market to fish around and you see these pretty huge mouse pads on discount, and you are instantly attracted to buying them. But when you reach home with your new possession you realize that you do not have a proper setup that will do justice to the pad you have, and your purchase and excitement goes to waste.

This scenario is what you should keep in mind when deciding which mouse pad to use, because the bigger is not always the better. Keep in mind exactly why you need a mousepad and what kind of convenience you are looking for, and you will see that your use of your mouse pad will exactly match your initial purpose.