Losing your data from your computer can be really unpleasant and it will not only cause you huge inconvenience but can also get you in trouble if the data was too much important. Many of us lose data when our computers malfunction or we delete something by accident, but it is not true that the lost data is gone forever. 

There are a lot of software which is designed especially for recovering lost data from your device, and Stellar Phoenix is one of them. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Professional is not just an ordinary recovering tool it can get your data back in very good form and is also one of the top data recovery software. Here is how stellar phoenix helps you in recovering data.

#1 It recovers your lost or deleted file

As mentioned above that our computers can malfunction at any time, or we can delete data mistakenly, Stellar Phoenix helps us in recovering lost or deleted files. You can recover data using Stellar Phoenix from any of your device including your personal computer or external hard drive basically it can recover from any storage device. The software is really well designed and it helps you pick the specific drive or destination from which data was lost to make it easy. The software is very affecting in case of your data was attacked by virus or was giving a reading error.

#2 Stellar Phoenix can bring you back lost memories

Stellar Phoenix is highly effective data recovery software, and it is not only designed to bring back files and documents, but it can be really helpful in recovering images as well. We all know who important pictures are they are memories and they can be of much value. And while talking about memories it cannot just recover images, but it can recover videos as well. All you need to do is open the software and click on the Photo or video option in the multimedia file. It will give you thumbnails list of the photos you can recover, and you can choose right away.

#3 It has a very effective file search

One of the best parts of Stellar Phoenix is that it has an amazingly goof file search option. Most of the recovery software have very weak search options, and you would not even find the file you want to recover. In the case of Stellar Phoenix, the file search is very effective. You can search your files by easily providing the name of it, and you can also filter it by providing the type of file. Moreover, you can search for a specific file type in any folder or drive you to want which saves your time as well.

#4 Dual scan methods

The one impressive thing about Stellar Phoenix is that it has dual scan methods. There is Quick scan method, and then there is Deep scan method. The Quick scan method is to find the lost or deleted files it is faster and you should be using this scan for your filter search. However, if the quick scan does not find your file, you can switch to Deep scan method which is for finding the data from corrupted and formatted storage. The deep scan method takes more time, but it gives you deeper search and better results.

#5 Stellar Phoenix can recover Mobile Phones as well

The Stellar Phoenix is not only for recovering files from pc, USB or an external hard drive but it can also help you to recover data from your mobile phone as well. If you recently lost any data from your mobile phone all you need to do is connect the phone to your PC and scan it for the lost files. You can also take out the memory card only, and you can run it via memory card reader on your laptop. It will treat it like any other storage and will return you your lost files.

#6 Stellar Phoenix arranges your file in your way

One of the most likable features of Stellar Phoenix is that it is really helpful in recovering files in your order. You can arrange the lost and deleted files any way you want, and then you can easily look for the file you want to recover.  When the files are in a disorganized form, it makes it really hard for you to find the right files and this is the feature which most of the recovery software lack. To arrange the file you can simply click on the Filtered tree tab on the left and from that, you can filter the files in any way you like.

Losing your precious data can be really stressing and Stellar Phoenix understands that. With the features, this software has to provide it makes it one of the best software to recover data. And as mentioned in above points you will not lose the quality of your data. So if you have lost any files or pictures recently get Stellar Phoenix to recover them.