You need to be aware of the point on how technical debt is addressed in the field of Disciplined Agile Delivery, which is also known as DAD. DAD helps in promising explicit and full delivery lifecycle, where you are about to come across multiple opportunities to avoid creating any new technical related debt in first place. 

After that, you have to address the existing one in appropriate manner, just to prevent falling into problems more than usual. There are so many impressive options available and you are always asked to go with the flow to get your answers. The ore you start to work on it, the better information you are about to land up with.

Go for the upfront thinking:

There are some strategies, which can be promoted by DAD when it is trying to pertain to technical debt. If you want to learn more about the strategies to keep technical debt under control, you might want to keep your eyes wide open and gulp down the points as listed here. The first one has to start with bit of upfront thinking. You can star by identifying the initial technical strategy. By going through some of the critical thinking issues before you happen to implement the solution, you might want to avoid technical strategy, which need to be reworked at future date.

Focusing on the architecture owner:

Another impressive point to work on has to be architecture owner or AO, associated with the disciplined agile team. This is held responsible for guiding team through some technical decisions, especially relating to architecture level. AOs are trained to mentor the other members of the team in design skills. These skills, later, will help them to avoid any form of ways to inject new technical debt into the current environment. They are even always in lookout for some of the current technical debt into said environment. They are always looking for the existing technical debt available over here and the motivation to address the debt when the right time comes.

Always be enterprise aware:

There is another interesting point to be associated with disciplined agile. These teams are defined to be enterprise aware. They should know the points to leverage and used for enhancing the complete ecosystem of the organization. They are said to work close with the reuse or asset terms and the enterprise architecture. They are even asked to take quality advantage of the available or existing assets. Some examples of such assets have to be patterns, code, templates, services, guidelines and even anything, which is worthy enough to be reused. 

Going for the best option:

There is an important strategy available for avoiding the field of technical debt. It is to reuse the current assists and not trying to rebuy or rebuilt something, which you can already worked on or possess. Always try to get along with the experts to learn more about the points, before getting into a result. For that, you can visit here to get important details and make the search easy.