We have become so used to of our private data traveling through Wi-Fi that the majority of us have ceased to think about the safety of data and who else is viewing it. Public Wi-Fi is convenient to use and come at low prices, yet these are the prey of hackers and best avenues for data stealers. When your browsing data is being sold to outsiders, then it is a warning for you to think about the protection of your data. 

The VPNs are the best solution in this regard. They are built to protect user’s data by giving the freedom of a secured internet connection. VPNs also grant a greater control to the user on how to appear online. In short, every one requires a VPN as it is a valuable tool that everyone must comprehend and utilize. 

How to select best VPN service

The VPN service providers are bombarding the VPN market since the last decade which has turned a small contest into a full-fledged melee. Most of the companies are relying on the budding concerns of general population related to cybercrime and surveillance. It makes this all harder to decide between secure VPN services when every company is throwing fancy words to sell their product. Moreover, the latest ISP rules related to privacy accelerate popping up of fake VPNs, so it is time to be careful. While choosing a VPN service, it is important to consider few points like performance, support, ease of usability, encryption type used, reputation, extra features, and transparency. Price is also an important trait yet do not primarily focus on it. 

Best VPN Services List


When we talk about the most popular VPN service, then ExpressVPN comes in our mind. It stands out concerning its performance and high speed. In fact, this company is so overly confident about its speed and performance levels that it claims to be the fastest VPN service on the planet.


The best VPN is the one that has an as much little impact on the internet as possible so that it does not interfere with your connection speed. It’s hard to do calculations as whole lot variables are involved, and there are multiple locations of servers having different loads and different intervals of day time. ExpressVPN has overcome all these obstacles and thankfully provide top speed to its users. If you are unsatisfied then happily avail 30 days money back guarantee. 

User Interface

ExpressVPN is a mere doodle for the users from UI viewpoint. You just need to fire up, pick a location from the list and you are on. The speed test function is the first screen user’s view after that. Although it takes some time to run yet once it is done, you can choose the servers, location, and latency, and download speed according to your requirements.  


Some of the essentials of VPN are present in NordVPN. It does not contain logs, offers attractive features, the first choice of shy governments and is situated in Panama that is far away from prying eyes of hackers. It is customized with double encryption and coupled with high-speed internet.

Kill Switch

NordVPN comes with a support of kill-switch that allows the user to attach six devices concurrently and access major platforms. The price is pretty low as compared to other VPNs in the market. It happens especially when you have chosen an annual package. The three-day trial is another decent feature of this VPN service.

Ease of Use

The highlighted trait of NordVPN is the ease of use. The UI is very straightforward and easy to use. Just choose the place from where you wish to browse; you go this easy. The SmartPlay feature automatically relocates the VPN server which is dependent on the video stream service. All in all, NordVPN is packed with excellent features in reasonable price. 


This VPN exists for decades now and is pretty popular among masses.  It is priced decently and has the connection to one device only. The premium plus service of CyberGhost is best as it has reasonable cost and connects to many devices simultaneously.  

Prevents IP leakage

The kill switch does an amazing job by shutting down at the instant of internet connection outage that prevents IP leakage. The coverage is excellent as it can run on Linux, iOS, Android, OSX, and windows. So some major boxes are marked off with CyberGhost.

No Logs

Situated in Romania, there are fewer chances of getting a hold of user's data. The company also has the policy of no logs that makes the data stealth opportunities all the less. 

So far, this month’s top VPN services in UK are the best ones for the year. The People are going more into private and encrypted browsing and through VPN, they are fully aware of having a safe internet journey.