Social media is booming day by day with more websites and apps being introduced for different purposes. In this enormous network jungle it is difficult to keep track of what public social media sites are on the top lately. This is why we have compiled this list of the top social media websites for you.


Easily, the most popular website on the internet these days is Instagram. Well, it’s more an app than a website, but it is going strong. Initially, people used Instagram to build a following with some friends and post aesthetically pleasing photographs of food, nature and the like. Later, it became more of a photography hub. Many photographers who are very popular now in the community have been made so purely by their efforts on Instagram and the support of their Instagram followers

Photography is no longer the only business being promoted on Instagram. Fashion designers, artists, chefs and critics are all gaining more and more popularity by increasing their following. If you do not want to join an online community, you even have the option of keeping your profile completely private so no outsider can view your posts.


Facebook has been making this list from the mid-2000s for obvious reasons. Initially only used for keeping in touch with friends and family, Facebook has now become business central for many individuals. You can keep your actual profile private and you can advertise yourself by using public groups and pages. It is basically an all-rounder social web platform.

You can join communities, make new friends and keep up with the world with the help of Facebook. Even now, this is the platform people mainly use when they have to express an opinion, advertise their business or look for any kinds of suggestions. 

Many businesses have become popular by being advertised on Facebook. After gaining popularity there, they join other websites as well so as to not leave any stones unturned. Facebook is especially useful for promoting home-based services like cooking, small-scale fashion designers and people who are into arts and crafts and wish to commission their work.


Another very popular social media platform is that of Twitter. Even now, Twitter is mainly used to express personal opinions regarding politics, media or celebrities and view other people’s opinions
about these as well. Twitter is arguably the most intellectual platform amongst the mentioned ones here.

People also use this website to follow celebrities and politicians and keep up with their private and public lives. Overall, Twitter has been a great platform for self-expression on the web.


Lastly, we have Tumblr. Tumblr is a website which is mainly used by the creative and socially active individuals on the internet. It is great for joining communities based on a fan following, a movement, hobbies or similar interests. If you want to make friends on the Internet, Tumblr is probably the best website to look towards. It is even said to make people famous overnight.