Mac is one of the most preferred smart devices or laptops available in the market today. It is not only a great laptop for work related jobs but is in general good for gaming and recreational activities as well. The growing popularity of Mac has led to the increase in sales over the years with millions of laptops finding their way into our homes. 

If you are one of those Mac users, we are sure you would love to know some of the different tips and tricks that will make your user experience much better.

Use SIRI to change settings

You can just speak out the changes you want and Siri will guide you through it. Many a time we are unable to understand the exact setting we need to make. You can even ask Siri to help you get information on that.

Copy and paste between devices

With the lasts software updates you are not dependent on your cloud backup for copying pictures or data from your Mac to other devices. You can directly do the copy and paste if the two devices are linked. This is very helpful for people who have function with the help of different devices. This feature definitely makes life simpler.

Sync desktops on different devices

If you are using different Mac screens or devices, it is very easy to synchronize the desktops on each of these devices. This can mainly be done with the new upgrade. In case you are not sure if you want to synchronize all the files, you will be able to choose the particular files that you wish to synchronize.

Use F3 to see everything open on your Mac

Many a time there are many apps open in the background while you are working on one particular thing. Thus it is a good idea to tap F3 once in awhile in order to go through these apps. Once you open these background apps, you can kill the ones that you are not using.


Sign using your Trackpad

You do not need a digital signature pen when you are signing a PDF on a Mac. Your Mac comes installed with a feature that helps you to make any kind of digital signature on your PDF. 

Make your cursor larger

If you lose your cursor among many different files, all you need to do is shake your mouse and the cursor will automatically become bigger. You will not have any problem in finding it them.

These tips and tricks will help you to make your usage much smoother. You can get a lot of different kinds of information from places like Duplicateclean that will help you to work better on your Mac. Did you know that you can actually use Windows on your Mac as well? Though it is not recommended, you can actually go ahead and install it if you feel that you are having difficulty with their interface. Keep your storage unit as clean as possible to stay away from lagging!