Running your business can be overwhelming at times. You want to make sure your employees are present, that payment options are easy and seamless for clients, and you want your database marketing to be on point at all times. Is there a piece of equipment that can run your credit card processing while also helping you store your database marketing ideas? Yes, there is. The Clover pos systems by Merchant Account Solutions offer you a great way to run your company from the palm of your hand.

What is Database Marketing?

In basic terms, database marketing is a specific type of direct marketing to your customers or potential customers. You will store a variety of information on your customers to help you market items and programs to them that they would be interested in. One way to do that is the Clover Flex system. This easy handheld item can allow you to take care of your merchant processing needs while also storing the critical data of your clients you need access to.
Keeping track of your customer’s information and shopping patterns through a pos system, makes it easy to integrate a reward system in order to give back to loyal customers.

The customer data management tool will also ensure you do not waste any money on your marketing efforts. A good example of how this tool can be helpful your business is when it comes to discount and direct marketing content, such as coupons you send in the mail. Lets say a specific customer comes into your store and purchases a lot of perfume. It would be useful to know whether or not you should send that individual a coupon discount for 50% off perfume rather than a 25% off discount for cologne. As you can see, this tool increases your marketing efficiency and overall will keep your customers happy by targeting them with useful content and not bombarding them with irrelevant mail.

Why is This Information Important?

As we previously mentioned, keeping a database of your clients allows you to tailor advertisements and marketing to those specific clients’ needs or desires. By using this type of marketing plan, you can easily market new services or products to those who would be more inclined to purchase them rather than blanket marketing a huge list. Not only is this tactic useful for increasing the likelihood a customer will return for the same product, but also can be beneficial for pushing new products that you are releasing.

By keeping all of your data in one place, you can utilize the data to the benefit of your business and your clients. Working with one of the many Clover systems that are offered allows you to run all of your business systems in one easy, convenient software program.

What Type of Merchant Account do I Need ?

Depending on the type of business you are running determines which pos solution is right for you. There are several options to choose from:

Credit Card Terminals
-    Low Prices, Lifetime Warranty, Free Equipment, Next Day Funding, Accepts Chip Cards and Apply Pay

Point of Sale Systems
- Tablet Based (Retail and Restaurant), SmartSwipe (Retail and Restaurant), LightSpeed (Restaurant and Bar), PC America (Restaurant and Bar), Verifone Ruby (Gas Station)

- Authorize . Net enables you to accept Credit Cards and e-Checks directly from your website.

- This option is great if you want your employees to be able to accept transactions from anywhere in the store. A good example is the Apple Store or perhaps a restaurant that lets you pay the bill directly from the customer’s table. The mobility this option provides is really great for busy environments and overall increases efficiency.