Without a doubt, the Smartphone is the single most disruptive technology that has emerged in the last decade or so. It is ubiquitous to the point that we can’t imagine doing by without it. It has become the so called phantom limb, a natural extension of the arm which we use to optimize and regulate our day to day life.

It is no longer the one trick pony that we used for talking, it has become the cornerstone of connectivity, engagement and some might argue even creativity. So what brought about this monument shift in its abilities?

All enquiries will lead us back to the launch of the first Iphone in 2007, which transformed the humble phone into a catch-all device with ever increasing functionality, courtesy of its functioning blocks, the apps. Google and Apple both introduced their app stores in 2008, making way for software creatives from all over the world to transcend limits of software-human interaction. We now use these apps for just about everything –waking up in the morning via the alarm app, staying connected via social networking, checking weather reports etc to name a few.

According to In comScore’s Mobile App report, in 2014 mobile usage finally eclipsed Desktop usage, with the majority of digital media time spent on mobile apps. With this shift, the app has entered previously unexplored ventures, more recent of which is the food industry. Gone are the days when missing your regular meal meant hunting for open joints in odd times of the day and settling for a snack that sometimes didn’t even satisfy the tongue or the belly. With the click of a couple of buttons, you can ensure a cuisine of your choice is delivered to your doorstep in a matter of minutes.

India ventured into this domain in 2012, and since then many food delivery apps have begun proceedings. This new millennial way of eating has yet to expand vociferously beyond the major cities, but statistics are promising. For example, ordering Food online in Bangalore has become the new norm, and people are slowly moving away from more traditional restaurant dining to save time and often money. Food delivery apps traditionally offer discounts and combo offers to customers to enable more freedom of choice. They also take out periodic surprise offers on almost all festive occasions which foster their ever growing demand and expansion of customer base.

Needless to say, food industry in India is up for a big upheaval and food delivery apps are here to say. Many big players are entering the market.  This is a clear indicator that global players have found their feet in the online food ordering paradigm. Seamless experience for the customers is the going to be the key to thrive in this venture.  Players who get their game right on the aspect of logistics and customer satisfaction will not just thrive but will become reckoning forces in the food industry. It is definitely good times ahead for food apps.