Everything is literally in the tip of our fingers these day. We can get almost everything online either in our phone or while we are on our laptops. Hard tasks are now easier with less time needed to complete it. If back then students need to bring so many text books to school which would weigh the same as their weight, nowadays teachers just asked the students to download their text books online and use e-book in class.

Students prefer using tablets or iPad to school instead of jotting down notes by using notebook. Notebook these days is just in a form of laptop or tablets.

Everything is changing and it is faster than ever. Remember back then when we had our first Nokia phone and we were so excited about the ringtone that we tried so had to cut a full song to make it shorter so that we can use it for our ringtone? Now, we don’t have to do it the hard way anymore, all we have to do is use the ringtone creator – choose the song that we want, identify the time or duration of the prefer part of the song, then the apps will do the wonder. Needless to say, technology makes our works easier and faster to be done.

Moreover, it was really hard to convert a PDF file before, but now all we have to do is either download it or go to the online PDF converter to change the format of our files to PDF or vice versa. Even Microsoft suites have the option to save the files to various format. Technologies keep on advancing and changing throughout the time, if we were not quick enough to grasp it, we might be left behind and struggle to live in the world where you need to be ahead of time.

In addition, kids these days would enjoy playing their video games or online games instead of going out under the sun to play see-saw or with their friends. They would prefer to connect virtually through their phone, or through their widgets which have chat service, and more to that kids these use their creativity by sites like cartoon yourself. This can be an advantage for the parents who would not want their children to play around without safety as the world is also getting more dangerous these days with kidnapping here and there. However, time management must be instilled among the kids as they should not spend too many times on their laptops of phones. They need to mingle around as well to avoid anti-social attitudes.

Nevertheless, the advancement of technologies has both pros and cons, all we have to do is to keep track of our attitudes and behaviours towards it. Either we embrace the good in it or we get carried away and forgot to mingle with the society. It is important to educate the future generation that though technology is very handful, we should not let it take over us and we should always discipline ourselves in handling them. Use it wisely and use the benefits of it.