Smartphone use is prevalent these days, as almost everyone uses a mobile device for work or play. Smartphones are like small computers, giving us access to email, documents, social media, news, etc. With internet access, we can do anything via a mobile phone. Because of the technology used in smartphones, users have to be wary of viruses and other threats. 

It is important to secure your device so that you can avoid any issues. Thankfully, the newest updates for virus protection here at AVG can help.

Antivirus Application

AVG Antivirus application works well to protect your Android device from several threats. The droid antivirus application can be easily downloaded and begins to work immediately, offering you protection with every action you make. The latest viruses are avoided, malware and spyware rejected. Unwanted callers and unsafe apps are taken care of in the background so you can simply use your mobile device for work or play. 

The antivirus app for Android created by AVG offers free basic protections or you can upgrade to the Full Protection package. Either way, your mobile device is protected so that your personal data stays safe. 

Anti-Theft Capabilities

One category of protection that the AVG application offers is anti-theft. If your Android mobile becomes lost or stolen, the AVG app can help. Simply use a different device to access the Anti-Theft website created by AVG to find your mobile. The website will detect the location of your device via Google Maps. You can then remotely lock your device and set off an alarm if needed. This will keep your smartphone safe until you can reach the location for retrieval. 

For the best security for your android mobile device, it is recommended that you download the AVG Antivirus application. You will be able to rest easy knowing that anything you do with your mobile device will remain secure.