Today we will tell about five mistakes that can seriously damage an online store reputation and negatively affect sales goals.

1.    Inaccessible site

Why do on-line store managers carry out lots of advertising campaigns and meet visitors with a non-working site? Here is an example: during the New Year holidays, a well-known kids clothing brand announced a seasonal sale and the website received such a traffic pressure that their server went down. When customers clicked on the advertising links and saw an error, they simply left the page. That’s exactly the reason why you always need to consider a tariff plan and a quality of the hosting services. If you know that your website will take a heavy load think about a stable and trouble-free server operation in advance.

2.      Slow page load

Are you 100% sure that your website pages are loaded at lightning speed on all types of devices? The trouble is that even 5 seconds delay in loading can become critical for the business - the shopper won’t wait and go to your competitor's site.

The reasons of slow page load are usually the same; too many resources on a server, browser cache isn’t used, complex code, content blocked by scripts etc. Any experienced webmaster knows how to tackle these issues, so it’s a good idea to address to a specialist.

3.      Lack of mobile version

We have been talking about the explosive growth of software development capabilities and popularity of mobile devices for the past five years but most site owners still ignore this trend. Today more than half of city citizens have a smartphone: they read articles, look for goods and services.

By trying the patience of mobile users, online shops simply present their client to their competitors with online stores.  Online customers allow themselves to "shop around" using smartphones with pleasure. The lack of a mobile version may be explained by its high price and development time. But it is an investment into the future of your ecommerce business. If you don’t do this now, soon you may find it increasingly difficult to compete with stronger players.

4.      Inactive shopping cart

Cart makes a online store what it is, you can’t do without this option. However, very often it fails causing customers loss.There are many reasons why this happens.

Therefore, be attentive to your site visitors’ complaints, test cart operation in different browsers, monitor behavior of the users on the flypages and on the cart page.

5.      Lack of information and tools

Modern website engines allow you to do wonders with information display on the site, even to change it automatically in real time. Why don’t store managers use it? After all, every tiny mistake leads to profit loss.
For example, a store allows you to order a product, and then it turns out that it is out of stock. Customer's time is lost as well as loyalty to your online store.

To avoid such a situation, it is enough to indicate stock availability of all products, and to provide an option of notifying you customer about expected date of supply.

Undoubtedly, there are unique cases when shops successfully earn money even having lots of mistakes on the site. But don’t push your luck - it's better to improve your ecommerce business, and provide customers with excellent service.