We don’t need to be told that technology has changed the world. We’ve seen it happen over the last century, and we’re seeing it happen today. We’ve seen it in the progression from the world’s first computer, a humongous piece of machinery, to the tiny, advanced computers millions of us carry in our pockets every day.

We’ve seen it in the progression from the very first car created by Benz in 1886, a slow-moving automobile steered by a rickety lever, to sleek, futuristic, autonomous cars steered by computers and capable of incredible speeds.

Of course, we all know that technology never stops. There’s always room for progression, and the improvements seem almost exponential in their growth. The question on everyone’s lips is always: what comes next? It’s a hard one to answer if we look too far into the future, but there are some present technologies coming into play which give us a very clear look into the ways technology will be developing in our near-future. Here’s a look at some present and future devices which are reshaping or will reshape the world.

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Delivery services.

This might seem an odd one to start with, but it tells us a lot about the direction in which technology is taking us. The introduction of drones into the mainstream market has driven companies such as Amazon to offer an entirely new delivery service revolving around the use of drones. This might seem like a cheap marketing gimmick on the service, but I think it tells us something very important about the evolution of technology over recent years. It tells us that we’re getting smarter at replacing people with machines. Perhaps the events of Terminator are far in the future for us yet, but it’s undeniable that technology is already streamlining services to cut out the middleman: humans.

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On a slightly less serious note than the previous point, the evolution of technology has led to a massive evolution in gaming. It started with basic Pacman arcade games towards the end of the last century, and now we’re entering virtual realities through headsets or playing games which have been compared to films with regards to the realism present in their graphics.

There’s some seriously high-performing equipment out there, and if you’re an avid gamer, you could browse AVADirect's best selection of high-quality gaming PCs to see just some of the improvements to professional gaming tech. Of course, things can only go up from here. This is one instant where our present day technology gives insight into what can be expected of the future. VR headsets might seem primitive now, but the greater the interest in the technology, the more immersive we can expect it to be in the future.

Mobile phones.

The biggest technological advancement of the past decade, arguably, is the smartphone. Yes, there were mobile phones before that, but the introduction of superfast pieces of tech such as the iPhone really changed the market for phone technology. It’s undeniable that what we each now carry around with us every day is a small computer. For some people, it’s the replacement of a computer. Of course, this is only the beginning of their potential. Soon, we’ll know what it really means to have a supercomputer in our pockets, as wearable technology which replaces the old-fashioned user interfaces of our phones and laptops will likely become the norm through companies such as Microsoft and Google.

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A greener future.

Finally, one of the most exciting technological developments which is very slowly coming into view is the mainstream appeal of green solutions. Technology such as solar panels, which was astronomically expensive a mere two decades or even one decade ago, are starting to find their way onto the roofs of more and more households as they become affordable. Electric cars are becoming more popular through brands such as Tesla, and wind energy is finally starting to “blow” people away.