You must have come across the term ‘virtual phone number’ in the recent past. This has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years but there are a lot of people who are unsure as to what it is all about. Initially it was considered to be a number on the internet that mainly revolves around internet based activity. Sadly, only a certain part of that is correct.

What Is a Virtual Phone Number?

Before we can get into the details of the same, we first need to learn  what is Virtual Phone Number. A virtual number is essentially a direct inward dialing number. It is a number that is directly connected to a telephone line or web number. These will help you to set up a call forwarding facility that will connect any call to any specific number that you want. The connection can be made to any fixed number, mobile or even VoIP. It is technically a form of a gateway that will help you to connect between a normal traditional call and a VoIP. 

Jake from said “VOIP for a virtual number is great, you can choose a geographically ideal or more rememberable number and send it to your original contact number.

There are two ways in which you can get this virtual phone number. The first way is to change your number and acquire a new one with the help of software. The other way is by keeping the same number and getting it done through an agent.

Applying virtual phone number

There are many different types of usage when it comes to this. If you are looking to take a virtual phone number, you can use the same number for many different platforms and uses. Most of these virtual numbers are toll free and will require you to register for them. Here are some examples for use of a virtual phone number that will help you grasp the concept better.

In business

Having a business virtual phone number will help you to get the different benefits of a toll free number. When you are having this virtual number, you are ending up saving a lot on your phone expenses. You can get a virtual number in any specific geographic location that you want. These numbers come to most use in different call centers. When a call center sets up a business, they will require a set of virtual numbers that will help you to connect to different countries without having to pay the extra foreign exchange.

For private use

If you are an avid traveler, having a virtual number will help you to get access to calling facilities without the extra cost. Having this number helps you stay connected to your loved ones back home when you are travelling with the help of a local number.

Virtual services

With the help of a virtual number, you can cap all the different virtual services under one service. This helps all customers from all around the world to connect at no extra cost.
Getting a virtual phone number has many different benefits that you can easily enjoy. It has quite rightfully gained a lot of popularity.