With the huge benefits and rise of video conferencing in the past few years, many of us forget that it wasn’t too long ago that audio conferencing was growing at an exponential rate with new versions coming out every other month.

Although audio conferencing is still widely used today, a lot of people overlook some of its downsides in favour of resisting change. It’s a lot easier to stick with what you have than to change what potentially is very ingrained within your business.

This is a dangerous outlook to have especially when running a business, without change then growth is very difficult to come by. Upgrading to video conferencing via such business as Viju can very well improve your business efficiently ten fold.

Reliance on Audio Quality

Solely relying on audio limits what you can do within your meeting or presentation. It is said that only 7% of communication is through use of words, meaning that 93% is visual. Through body language, eye and head movement it’s much easier to understand the person you’re speaking to.

Using only audio is severely limiting yourself and your business on what you can really do. Whether you offer a service or a product, you cannot truly connect with a client or customer without a face to face meeting or using video conferencing to get to judge their reactions.


Along with that, the entire meeting is completely reliant on the quality of the audio on both ends. This adds another barrier to completing a sale or finalising a project, another wall to get in your way and can have a knock on effect into other parts of your business, through delays and added stress.

Lack of Content Sharing

A severe hole in the use of audio conferencing is the complete lack of content sharing. Whether you’re having a weekly meeting to discuss and show current work on a project or attempting to sell an idea to a prospect you will need visual aids to help.

A huge bonus of video conferencing is that you can instantly and wirelessly share content between all that are attending, on whatever device available to them.

For audio conferencing, it requires a pre-setup time to send across materials that will need to be brought up during the conference call. Some are impossible to share unless physically in front of them.

Continuing with audio only can bring up a large amount of problems to you and your clients as it’s open to misinterpretation. Without a visual aid it’s difficult to get points across sometimes. It’s always best to be very clear when it comes to some subjects and putting it in the hands of chance is not advisable.

Make a Move into Video Conferencing with VijuCloud

Making the change into video conferencing is the next step of fixing these common problems with audio conferencing. All of the problems mentioned here are immediately fixed with the introduction of a solid cloud video conferencing service, such as VijuCloud.

With VijuCloud it enables three or more participants to collaborate seamlessly and spontaneously. Joining a multi-user/system video meeting from any standards-based video device or from any mobile device on hand. The flexibility of VijuCloud, is what allows your business to run smoothly and efficiently.

With no advanced scheduling required, getting started couldn’t be easier. Sending your CloudRoom details to all participants is the only step needed before you’re able to visually communicate in seconds.

With an affordable and scalable subscription plan, VijuCloud is a great starting point to move into video conferencing and an excellent addition to any workplace.