Camcorders have been one of the most popular and widely bought gadgets across the globe during the 1990s. With the introduction of the 2010s and the launch of the smart phones, the demand for the camcorders, somewhat went down a little.

Growing demand for Camcorders:

Now that people have once again understood the difference in the quality of the output between a smart phone’s camera and a good camcorder, the demand curve is once again and more steadily, moving upwards. With the growing demand for camcorders, newer brands are emerging with it and so are newer models. Here is where consumer discretion becomes necessary. In case that you too are looking forward to buy yourself, a friend or a family member a brand new camcorder, it is important that you consider a few tips, to get the best gadget at the best deal.

About camcorders:

Before you get onto buying your first or for that matter a new camcorder, it is important that you educate yourself about the same, so as to make the right choices. Camcorders are great devices that help you record videos in number of settings. The fact that these camcorders, even the most feature rich ones have become more concise and handy in size is a great boost towards its efficiency and productivity. There are a few different types of camcorders. These include-

•    Mainstream Camcorders,
•    Advanced Camcorders,
•    Pocket Camcorders,
•    Wearable and mountable Camcorders

Now that you are aware of the different kinds of camcorders, it is important that you also learn, which one serves you need the best. Other than this, there are a few more things you should look into before buying a camcorder.

Resolution and Memory:

You are buying a camcorder, primarily to get better picture quality of your videos than you get on your smart phone or your digital camera. Here is where the resolution comes into play. The higher the resolution of your camcorder better is the picture quality. Also look into the size of the memory. This saves you from the chore of deleting previously recorded items before recording something new.

Zoom and Aperture:

It is important that the camcorder you buy can process a multi-level zoom without hazy-ing out or destroying the picture quality. The aperture also needs to be aligned to your shooting requirements. In case you will be shooting in low light conditions or nights mostly, you will need a camcorder with nightvision or best nightvision camcorder.


When buying a camcorder do check for sound quality and audio output. Many a time, though picture quality and the aperture maintain a good standard, sound quality takes a serious dip. Your videos are nothing without the sound.

Wi Fi:

With developing technology and the age of staying connected hitting us hard, it is important that all our devices be well connected as well. Smooth connectivity can be established between your camcorder and your computer or any other mobile device, with the help of wifi. Check for WiFi before buying.

Other things that you must look into are the presence of- Bit Rate, Good Battery Life,  Sensor Size, should be easy to operate, should be cost effective and most importantly should possess all the features it promises and produces good quality visuals.