I think it’s safe to say, every now and then all of us use the services of retail companies via web stores, yeah? But what about a mobile field where we spend like... half of our day sometimes? The number of iPhone and smartphone user is reaching an enormous point, that is just going to increase with each year.

The world is crazy digital this millennia and our lives entwined with the mobile product every step of the way. Best apps such as Walgreens, eBay, Victoria's Secret, Walmart, Starbucks, Amazon, Apple Store, Gap StyleMixer and H&M – we like them so much! Why exactly? In short... it’s simple, fast, cheap and profitable even. They satisfy our need sometimes without us actually visiting their physical offices. We’re happy, they’re rich. So, shall we consider why is custom retail app development looking like an attractive opportunity?   

Reasons to develop a mobile app for retail business 

Get ready to be hit by inspiration and motivation!

#1 Be present, be visible, be vocal

It’s nice to a web platform, but... unfortunately, not enough these days. To be known among customers you have to stay in time with them and follow their needs. What does it mean? Well, once again – we are the nation of mobile gadgets. We like to connect with services’ providers via our social media profiles and purchase goods without a fuss or a necessary visit to a seller’s store. Here is where a retail app allows the business of any kind to be visible and convenient for the modern customers and establish strong and permanent buyer-seller connection. More so, there is an awesome advantage such as multiple platforms – iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, etc. Which means you can gain huge numbers of customers just by a snap of fingers.  

#2 Brand Reputation & Awareness

Any statistics will show you that companies who are present on the mobile market are brands strongly respected by the public. When you provide customers the ability to purchase products they like with minimum effort using just an application and mobile payment system... well, they’re gonna really appreciate your services and stay with you as long as it possible. Therefore, you ensure a trustworthy reputation for yourself and save a lot of money on the advertisement. The promotion of your brand will be accomplished by none other than your own purchasers! This is pretty simple, we like some service – we recommend it to everyone we know. And word of mouth is such a marvelous power, to be honest, the fact of human nature and instincts always works. Not to mention, that a social network button in your app will give the users a chance to share their excitement about products they bought from you with dozens of people who will then share it with dozens more. See my point?

#3 Customer experience’s level up. Fast. Easy. Comfy

The main goal of any retailer is to please the customers. And to accomplish the task a seller should build a retail mobile app that will be easy-to-use, fast, smooth and super comfy when it comes to finding a desirable product and pay for it. Customers experience matters, bear it in mind. Reliable and convenient mobile payment system (mPOS), catchy UI/UX design and product filters – three keys to bright future of the brand success. You make lives of your buyers easier, they will make your revenue jump up, while you, in fact, are saving your own resources at the same time encouraging people to engage with your brand via mobile app and stay interested. 

#4 Loyalty Programs

Here is my favorite point, actually. As a girl, I just adore discounts, premium bonuses and other nice gestures from a seller that indicate his respect for me. And we all love sales, don’t we? More importantly, we like finding out about those sales first hand and based on our own preferences. Well, with a power of mobile apps to memorize user’s actions and machinery learning technologies implemented in them any retailer could provide us with amazing loyalty programs, discounts on chosen goods and valuable gifts from a store. When a customer contributes to your app and use it on a daily basis, it should be rewarded. And when it’s so – the word about a seller will spread fast and furious making you rich and famous. In case we need an example... Victoria's Secret mobile app – I can’t even express all of my love for the benefits they provide for their app users. 

#5  Virtual Tour & Guide

Let’s state a fact here, it’s easier and cheaper to visit a virtual store rather than a real one. And why bother when a mobile app for retail business gives us a complete store information along with visual products’ description (including photo or video press releases). One of the most exciting things is that all assortment will be categorized and divided into categories, and the filters will allow the purchasers to quickly find an item based on their preferences. QR-code technology, geolocation feature and so much more will encourage your customers to leave and share their feedback about experience gained in your virtual store via the same mobile app they use. And while effortlessly demonstrating some services and goods, you’ll keep a constant connection with your purchasers as an important bonus.

#6 Be competitive – beat the competitors

First of all, everyone already is in the business – all your rivals have their apps, so it’s not, actually, an option for you, it’s a must-do. If you want your retail store to survive, you have to jump on a train and embrace the mobile future. Before you get scared or skeptic, let me clear this – creating a mobile app for retail business isn’t as hard as it seems. And it’s definitely not that expensive and time-consuming as some may think. Already existing platforms, apps clones and development tools (like SDKs and APIs) – there are many opportunities for you to make an application with minimum expenses. 

#7 Powerful analytic warrior

A-a-and, we made a homerun. What makes a good seller the best one? The ability to predict customers’ reaction and their needs. To make a long story short, customer’s dynamic and opinion is the top priority for any retailer. And to ensure the positivity of these aspects for your business, you’ll have to listen to the target audience which means understanding even their non-obvious needs. What can help you here? Of course, a deep and thorough analysis of the collected information about your purchasers. Only then will you be able to make profitable marketing decisions and proceed with your business development. Simple, really, but achievable only with the help of the sophisticated in-app analytics tools which will monitor buyer’s behavior within the application to show the owner how exactly people use it and what problems should be solved or which improvements have to made. Also, these tools can gather users data, feedbacks and search requests to build the statistics of purchases and negativity that people express toward some products or the app itself.


To provide satisfying customer experience you have to know your purchasers. And there is none other tool more valuable for this task than a mobile application. If you want to follow other successful startups but don’t know where to begin, I strongly recommend hiring experienced retail mobile app developers. Then, for a reasonable price, you’ll get a truly attractive profitable app that will boost up your sales. So, keep up with times, don’t miss the opportunity to win over a wider target audience.