When it comes gaming monitors, choosing the right model can actually be quite difficult and tricky. After you have chosen a proper computer, choosing the perfect monitor is perhaps the most vital aspect of creating a gaming setup. It is actually quite a significant investment, and hence requires a lot of attention when being chosen.

Given below are a few points that can help you to choose the finest Gaming Monitors for your home gaming PC. Read on to find out more.

Display Port

Popularly known as a substitute for DVI and HDMI cable types, the display port on a gaming monitor is perhaps the one item that offers high end bandwidth connection that allows for much thinner and lighter gaming monitors due to the non-usage of unique circuitry that sends the video signal from the PC to the screen.

Pixel response rate

The higher the pixel response rate on your monitor, the better will be the pixel’s ability to change colors in lesser milliseconds. A lower millisecond count would not allow ghosting or streaking effect to be formed on the screen, especially in case of a high resolution PC game. As per techies, almost every modern gaming monitor comes with a lower millisecond count nowadays.

Input lag

An input lag is basically the image that stays behind even after the monitor has been turned off, or the image that comes in late when the PC is turned on. You need to ensure that you buy a gaming monitor that comes with the lowest possible input lag value, preferably zero. Proper research is needed to find out the input lag value of some monitors of your choice.

Ergonomic options

An ergonomic design with ergonomic controls is always preferable when it comes to buying a gaming monitor that suits your needs and specifications. You need to take note of features like adjustability, swivel, and the ability to change between portrait and landscape modes.

Screen resolution

The screen resolution of a monitor is perhaps the biggest decisive factor when it comes to gamers looking for the perfect gaming monitor. Almost 90% users ask about or research on the screen resolution the monitor provides before they make a purchase choice.

USB Connectivity

Many people want to use a gaming monitor not only for gaming, but also for watching movies. They want a USB port in the monitor so that they can connect their hard drive or flash drive and watch movies. Although not a strict criteria for gamers, regular users find this option quite lucrative.

Audio Output

People often find it hard to attach a speaker to their PC while playing games, simply because of lack of proper space. And for some games, a headphone just might not do justice to the fantastic sound effects the designers have programmed. Hence, gamers often want to get their hands on a gaming monitor that comes with audio output so as to allow for a better gaming experience.

These are some of the features that can actually lend a helping hand in choosing the best gaming monitor for regular gaming.