The fast-paced enterprise and corporate world is playing an essential role to make innovation a necessary part of the mobile app development.

Handsets are playing a very effective role in every aspect of life in the modern days. There is an increasing demand for more advanced and technologically packed smartphones. To satisfy this demand, the companies are focusing on more sophisticated mobile technology and development of competitive apps that are more in the power to meet consumers’ needs and ever changing trends.

Almost all of the enterprise solutions and corporate projects are coming down to the palm of the hand, from the web to an easy accessto mobile devices in your hands, through innovative mobile apps and custom software development.

There is a huge number of technologies linked to mobile devices; therefore, having an idea of information related to the latest updates in this field would be great. Below are some of the latest trends in the field of mobile app development.

Artificial Intelligence

With the coming of artificial intelligence, tech giants like Google, Facebook and IBM are compelled to revisit their algorithms to make them more complex and competitive. Artificial intelligence apps are still a bit sluggishthough, yet aregaining space in the field of mobile devices.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality apps are a sure hit in the mobile gaming zone. They come and spread all over the mobile world. Think of some virtual reality games and you will have the idea of their place in the mobile gaming and betting zones.Virtual Reality apps have gone viral since released.

Development of Hybrid Apps

This new but fast developing mobile app development technique is gaining more liking in the industry. It has some very interesting and never-ending features that entice the user. It savescosts, provides the ease of running on multiple operating systems and is booming as far as app development requirements are concerned.

Security and Consumers

Keeping in mind the heavy demands of consumers, apps are revolutionizing the world, hence the need of securing the mobile devices has become more important than ever. Apps with enterprise solutions have some very strong engineering, challenging and complex designs behind their development. Lots of heavy graphics and other susceptibilities have made it significant to provide proper security features to avoid hacking.

Mobile users are hoping to see some useful security apps to save their personal devices from hackers in 2017.

The Cloud

The cloud is the answer to apps that need a lot of free space to function properly. Heavy graphics and multifunctional apps require a larger free space on the device, but thanks to functioning in the cloud this problem is resolved. Cloud-based apps are fast, they can be built without any restrictions and they are secure.

Beacon technology with integrated GPS

Online enjoyment has its own charm but offline has a unique value. The beacon technology blurs this difference. iOS devices already have this but Android has also jumped on the bandwagon. Users should expect a tough competition as ever. Location tracking is made easy with this amazing technology and provides the necessary information to the user. Needless to mention that beaconsare very famous in the travel and retail sectors.

Even More New Ideas

Internet of Things (IoT)

Technology has allowed everything to connect with each other through the Internet of Things. Smart devices and wearables keep its impressive growth. As IoT is taking the center stage, this reality will come even closer and it is expected to expand to its full capacity. App developers would need to turn their focus from smartphones to smart devices as connecting one device to another is all about theInternet of Things.

Wearables and Drones

Although wearables are limited in performance,they are really innovative. Watches and glasses with wearable technology are some of the most discussed topics in the present-day tech world. Wearable technology is now focused on the healthcare industry but is expected to be used in textile, fashion and more enterprises to improve their efficiency and productivity.

Drones are expected to be used in delivery services and are much likely to become more useful and common in the coming years. Drone-controlling apps will play their essential part to control, manage, track and analyze drone-based activities. There are a few apps in the market but developers are working hard to resolve various technological issues.


All that said, it is imperative for app developers to come up with innovative solutions related to security vulnerabilities and various other challenges to stand out with ideas. All people think differently, some like a good user experience while others like to have an innovative interface. Having a track of accumulated concepts of how people see their desired apps would be beneficial to develop those that trend.