Netflix is seemingly taking over the world – and rightfully so - as it offers various shows and different amounts of channels depending on where in the world you are based. For example, the US Netflix offers the highest number of shows, followed by the UK which gets one less than its counterparts across the pond. German Netflix in comparison, has far fewer programmes than the UK and US.

But, one thing to note is that, if you sign up for Netflix in the US, you may not be able to watch your favourite shows while holidaying in Europe. The same goes for all the other countries which have this service. And it’s not only Netflix that can be hard to access when away from home. The ever-popular BBC iPlayer tracks locations to block viewers from watching TV shows from anywhere outside of the UK and now, they have updated their rules to block anyone without a TV licence from being able to watch it, even if you are based in the UK. 

How a VPN Can Help

There is, however, a simple way to avoid the problem of not being able to access your favourite Netflix programmes while away and that is to utilise a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This allows you to change your location by shielding where you really. There are many benefits to using a VPN - from being able to protect personal data, such as your online banking details, through to being able to enhance your privacy levels.
But let’s not forget a VPN will give you the ability to be able to access your own Netflix no matter where in the world you are – although be sure to check the terms of your Netflix as this could breaking the rules.

The VPN Revolt

Many of us enjoy watching American Netflix from the UK, while others want to access their home Netflix while abroad. This is why a VPN is a must-have tool for anyone who finds themselves unable to access their shows when travelling.

Best VPNs for Netflix

If you’re looking to watch the US Netflix whilst abroad, there are a variety of VPNs to choose from., a trusted source for advice on VPNs have provided a list of the best VPN providers for Netflix. You can read the full article here.