Planning on traveling soon? Whether you’re going near or far, get your smartphone ready for the occasion. There are tons of travel apps for both Apple and Android devices. They can help you plan your trip, get cheap deals and find things to do on your holiday. Here are some travel apps you should download right now.

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As well as having a travel website, TripAdvisor holds the spot for the most popular free travel app on the Android Market. People use TripAdvisor to review hotels, restaurants, and things to do all over the world. It’s great to find out what’s available in your holiday location. It can also help you find flights.


MetLoop is the best weather APP, giving you precise information on upcoming weather for the location you put in. This is great for traveling as you can find out the forecast for your planned destination. It can also tell you how the weather’s going to be day to day on your holiday, so it’s worth having around on your smartphone.

XE Currency

XE Currency is the most popular foreign exchange app on the market, receiving over 40 million downloads. It has live currency exchange rates. This is handy when traveling in countries with different currencies. You can figure out how much you’ll get and also work out on the spot how much a holiday purchase would cost you in your home currency.


Skyscanner compares prices from all airlines to find you the cheapest flight prices. It has a range of options to make searching flights quick and easy. Perfect for planning your travels.


HotelTonight finds you cheap hotel offers from canceled rooms and last-minute discounts. It updates information regularly, so there are many cheap deals available. You might not always be able to find a room on there, but when you do it’ll be at an incredible value. Ideal for budget travel.


Hosts from all over the world offer up places to stay on CouchSurfing. This provides an excellent way to travel on the cheap and meet new traveling partners. If you couch surf at someone else’s place, it’s expected that you give them a place to stay should they ever visit your country in return.


Instead of trying to use different public transport systems around the world, many people rely on Uber for their travels. You can find rides quickly and at a cheap rate. Uber is becoming widely used all over the world, so you should be able to find a ride anywhere.

Google Translate

A simple solution to communicating with people in different languages. Google Translate is the most common app for translation. It’s useful to have when you’re traveling in countries where you don’t know how to speak the language.


TripIt offers an easy way to store your travel plans. It will create a master itinerary for you, and this can also be forwarded to your email or shared with travel partners. This can save a lot of time and stress when you’re traveling.

Google Maps

Google Maps isn’t just good for navigation. You can also use it to search nearby restaurants, cafes, or pretty much anything else you’re looking for. Very handy when you’re on holiday.