What are we trying to say?
When we hear or see the term cell phone tapping software, it usually brings into mind cloak and dagger, espionage and secret agents type of thoughts, which to some extent can be true but not all the time.

Commercially available monitoring apps, unlike its hack attack type evil cousin monitoring apps, have also gotten a bad name – people usually associate it with invasion of privacy and cheating spouses – the truth is, it is a tool and that tool can be used for good as well as bad; it all depends on the owner of the app.

We will look at scenarios where parents have used apps to protect their children and employers to protect their business interests and individuals to protect their assets and their data.

A brief note about commercially available apps

Before we go on to describe the scenarios where apps like xnspy have proved useful and in fact saved people from a lot of grief and monetary loss, we will discuss the difference between covert spy apps and the commercial ones. Covert spy apps are usually installed through deceptive means such as hacks and malware.  Whereas commercially available apps require physical access to the device that they are intended to be installed on.

What this means is that you’re practically the owner of the device, as in the case of parents giving their minor children a smartphone or tablet for use.  Or an employer giving their employees a smart device as a perk or for official use. This can also mean you wish to use it on your own device for your self-benefit.

Perspective One – The Concerned Parent

Parents have a tough job, they not only have to work to earn but they also have to take care of their kids and until their children reach adulthood, parents are responsible for their safety.  The task becomes even more difficult if you’re a single parent or both the parents work. As smart devices such as tablets and smartphones become more commonplace in school, for learning, play, socializing and entertainment, it has become critical for parents to keep a check on their children’s use of the devices.

Especially when it comes to IM chats and social media, this is where cell phone tapping software plays a pivotal role. Xnspy and other similar apps allow parents to know who their children are communicating with and what they are using their device for.  The reason this is so important is that most child stalkers and other dangerous people use IM chats to track down children. In fact, it has become so bad, that even law enforcement agencies recommend that parents monitor their children and restrict their online chatting in the evening onwards.

Perspective Two – The Smart Employer

As the world turns more into a global village, corporate competition is getting tougher. Smart employers realizing the upcoming world of smart devices have already started utilizing the technology to improve their productivity and to safeguard their assets as well sensitive business information. More and more companies have started issuing company-owned smart devices with installed monitoring apps to their employees as part of their employment contract.

This allows management to monitor productivity and allows managers to use these devices to see the calendar schedules of their associates and set meetings and other important tasks in an efficient manner that does not interfere with already scheduled activities. Some corporates that have delivery services have installed smartphoneswith cell phone tapping software on their fleets so that it can provide a cost-effective communication alternative to the drivers and at the same time they can track their vehicles and also monitor what is going on inside the vehicle.

Perspective Three – Self-benefit

The use of monitoring and tracking apps such asxnspy by individuals to protect their data as well as to keep a partial backup of their phones and tablets is becoming common now. Most of these apps keep a record of pictures, videos, text conversations, emails, calendar schedules and contacts. This makes it extremely useful in the case of loss of data or theft of the device; individuals can have peace of mind that they have most of their information backed up and available to them.

The benefits of such apps do not stop there, most of them have a fail safe that allows the app owner to remotely lock the device or to remotely delete all data thus preventing anyone from accessing sensitive information. In some cases, people who have forgotten smart device in their cars were lucky to have their stolen vehicles recovered and the thief apprehended.

These smart devices had monitoring and tracking apps that helped law enforcement officials track down the vehicles as well as catch the perpetrator. This led some people to actually take old smartphones and install in them a tracking app, which they then put in the glove box or under the seat of the car.

Perspective Conclusion

As you can see such cell phone tapping software has positive uses as well and is not all infringement of rights and privacy. As we mentioned, in the beginning, it depends on the person using the app; we hope we were able to show the good side of such apps.