Following Mobile World Congress in Barcelona came two awesome new flagship phones, the LG G5 and the Samsung Galaxy S7. However, amongst the best of the bunch due the February trade show was the curved variant of the Korean manufacturer’s Galaxy line. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is almost certainly the most beautiful phone on the market right now. So, naturally, we’ve checked it out. Here are our thoughts!

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Just look at this thing - it’s gorgeous! The S7 Edge comes in four incredible colours, too: Black, Gold, Silver and White. So, there’s plenty of choices to match everybody’s pocket. What we liked most about the design is obviously the curved edges that lend this phone it’s ‘Edge’ name.

Samsung has not notoriously been known for good design, however. In the past, they have used cheap-looking plastics in making some of the least pleasant looking devices out there. This all changed with this phone’s predecessor, the Galaxy S6. Now, the Korean tech giant uses some of the best materials out there to build its smartphones. The S7 Edge has gorgeous chamfered edges as well as glass panelling across the device. It’s Corning Gorilla Glass, too! Meaning that it’s extra strong and less prone to smashing. However, should the worse happen and you need to get your S7 Edge repaired, then companies such as Forever Wireless can offer this sort of service. It really looks divine, so you can understand the astronomical price tag! However, that is sure to soar down once everybody starts to get hold of this thing.

Furthermore, the button placement is pretty solid throughout. With the sleep/wake toggle where you’d expect to find it. One slight concern we had, however, is that Samsung is still rocking its reverse multitasking and back buttons! Why can’t you just have them the same way round as stock Android, Samsung?! That slight issue can be overlooked when you consider the gorgeous display that fronts this device. It uses Samsung’s OLED technology to appear really bright in sunlight. This makes things extra readable, even in the harshest lighting conditions. Nice!

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Next up, is software. Now, Samsung’s S7 Edge is running the latest and greatest in Android - 6.0 Marshmallow. If you’re an Android purist and can’t be doing with the limitations of iOS phones, then this is definitely for you! All the smartphone habits you’ve come to get used to will still be possible on this device, your muscle memory will not fail you here!

We really like Android for obvious reasons. The customisation options are far superior to that of Apple’s iPhones. For example, you can instantly put a theme across the entire device with a tap of a few buttons. There is also a theme store where new ones are constantly being added for you to customise your device with. Marshmallow is also incredibly fast, and buttery smooth! The processor on this phone makes switching between apps fly. You should never experience any lag when gaming either!

The one downside to the S7 Edge’s software is the amount of bloatware that you find on it when first starting up the device. Obviously, this can be removed and uninstalled. However, it is kind of annoying! There are literally two apps for almost every function, which is pretty pointless. Samsung could have avoided wasting their time creating duplicate apps. Maybe they should have taken a leaf out of HTC’s book. Their new smartphone, the HTC 10, does away with duplicate apps and just embraces the ones that Google has masterminded.

There are definitely upsides to Samsung’s software features, however. Their Smart Stay technology is super cool. If you look away when watching a video on the S7 Edge, then it will automatically pause it for you, ensuring you don’t miss a thing! That’s certainly very handy. An IR app to help control your TV from your phone is also pretty neat too. Multitasking support is second to none on Samsung’s TouchWiz software and has been so for a few years now. Google has only just caught up to the Koreans, themselves. 

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The camera on the S7 Edge is what sets it leagues apart from other smartphones. Even the iPhone is bettered by Samsung’s latest shooter. At 12-megapixels, you may think that it is a little underpowered. However, that isn’t all that counts when it comes to creating a great smartphone camera. Notably, each of the pixels within this 12mp shooter is a dual pixel, meaning that the phone can focus as quickly and as accurately as the human eye! This is super handy for those shots that you need to take in a hurry.

We found that the S7 Edge produced some incredible shots, that rival, and in some cases better, traditional point and shoot cameras. The low light performance on this lense is where Samsung have really got things spot on. As we’re sure you’re aware, getting a great shot in a dimly lit room is a tricky task on most smartphones. However, Samsung makes it easier thanks to a brighter F1.7 lens, which allows more light into the camera, in order to get that better snap! There is even a selfie flash, to ensure that your front facing camera photos are even better quality now, too! That will really up your Instagram game!

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What else can we say about this awesome smartphone? It ticks almost every box! There are some awesome extras that you should also know about, though. Firstly this phone is IP67 water resistance. Samsung is claiming that this thing can be submerged for up to thirty minutes before any damage is done to the internals! That means you can still text in the shower, or fail to worry when you accidentally drop your phone down the toilet! That’s great for peace of mind. Also, the battery life on this phone is killer, unlike last year’s S6 Edge, so no qualms there. Plus, finally, expandable storage has returned, meaning that you’ll never run out of space again! Rejoice.

Hopefully, you enjoyed our review. We loved the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - it’s definitely worth a place in your pocket!