It’s the start of the new year and with over 10 long weekend holidays to look forward to in 2016, you’d probably be glad to know that petrol price is lower this month! Which makes this the perfect reason to escape the city for a bit! Here are some of the essential apps every traveler needs that have more use than just its main features.

1. Foursquare.. not for checking in, but…

For the WiFi password or comments on a place!

2. Waze.. not for navigation but..

For checking speed traps and road hazards.

3. Hotel Now.. not for booking but.. 

Validating your decision to book earlier. You saved that much money?

4. Find my iPhone / Where’s my droid .. not for theft but for..

If your forgetful mind wanders and you left your phone somewhere else.

5. Yonder Music… not for playing Bieber’s “Sorry” repeatedly but for..

Making your own roadtrip playlist.

6. Netflix or iFlix… not for binge watching while you’re on holiday but for..

Those lovely and personal 15 minutes you spend on the throne.

7. Photo app … not for creating a collage of all those food pics but for..

Being able to delete some of them to save you some space.

8. Firechat... not for when you’ve got no data or coverage but for..

Communicating with that friend who’s too stingy to turn mobile data on.

9.  Tinder.. not for finding a date but..

For some social interaction if you’re traveling alone.

10.  OneFineStay.. an alternative to..   

Airbnb. It offers personal residences a la Airbnb, but only ones that qualify as extraordinary like lofts, air penthouses and more. It’s basically more exclusive than Airbnb itself.

11. Historypin.. not just for snapping pics but..   

For seeing a selection of vintage images nearby for you to visit. Very useful if you want to travel off the beaten path.

12. Foodspotting..not just for snapping pics of your food but..

Getting suggestions on dishes from recommendations. Pretty useful if you’re not sure how you want your pallet to be blown away.

Newer apps are demanding more processing power these days. For optimal performance, it might be best to get a newer model.

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