Using streaming services has naturally made things simpler for us when we want to fulfill our entertainment purposes. With a widespread of services available in your region, you can effortlessly login into your account and start viewing content to get your daily dose of movies, shows and different content over a slew of electronic devices.

Unfortunately, the biggest drawback of using these services is that they are limited as far as content diversity is taken into account and it’s no fault of yours; it’s only because of the region that you currently reside in. However, it is relatively simple to as you will see in the following explanation.

First off, let us detail out something very basic to you. The reason why content is limited across regions is because of a technique called geo-blocking. Geo-blocking is used to restrict access to services to certain countries. How exactly are they able to pull this off? They do this by looking up the country of origin of your Internet address (which is more commonly known as an IP address). Your IP address is much like your unique home address, but this time, it is on the Internet.

How can you unblock US channels and start to view content freely?

This can be done through a service called Getflix. Getflix is able to scale the barrier created by geo-blocking by re-routing certain connections through US servers. In short, the service will believe that you are currently residing in the United States, since that unique IP address will belong to that current country.

Using this technique, you will be able to enjoy unrestricted access to all the content that you were once unable to get a hold of. After all, the United States has stockpiled a variety of content catered to masses of different tastes and requirements and it is only fitting that you are able to enjoy those too. However, while we are on the subject of streaming content present in the United States, there will obviously be a concern over speed issues. 

After all, content that is continuously buffering will definitely hamper the viewing experience. Not to worry, because not only will you get your entire fill of content, but it would seem that you are living in another region altogether since our service will be immaculate as far as speeds are concerned. If at any time, you require any sort of assistance, you will be pleased to know that Getflix has provided you with a 24/7 365 day support to listen to your every problem concerning with the service.

Not only this, but with Getflix, you will not run into any compatible issues with any of your mobile device since the service is compatible with a wide range of platforms and operating systems. If you are concerned over the quality of our service then you will getting a something that very few services provided; a free signup and a 14 day trial period. If you are content with the services, then you can choose the pricing plan that best fits your budget.

With Getflix, start your entertainment cycle right away.