Data is becoming more important to phone users, and it's no surprise, people want more. And if that's the case, it looks like Celcom now takes the lead with the most competitive and best offering out there. The telco introduces its latest plan offerings along with its latest feature called NewPhone, which will allow customers to exchange their devices to new models anytime if you're the type to 'chase tech.' Check it out below:

Starting with its prepaid segment, FATTNET from Xpax is extremely worth it.

Its First Gold plan is also the cheapest now with the most data offering. Furthermore, there's unlimited calls to all networks.

One of the most enticing features of their plans is really the ability to carry forward unused data. There's also free 5GB of WiFi you can connect to and an Internet bonus of up to 3GB. Finally, there's the "NewPhone" feature which lets you switch your device out at anytime.

Its NewPhone feature is also very flexible. It removes all the additional thinking you have to do when considering which plan or telco to opt for.

For example, if you're getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, here's taking a look at some comparisons:

Very enticing indeed.

Check out the press release below:

KUALA LUMPUR, 3 FEBRUARY 2016 – With just a week away from the Lunar New Year, Celcom customers stand the exclusive chance to experience the easiest way to change to the newest 4G LTE smartphones as often as they like, including a limited time offer of unarguably the greatest post-paid and prepaid deals!

Moving forward into 2016’s Chinese New Year, Celcom Axiata Berhad, Malaysia’s leading data network provider is offering customers unarguably the greatest post-paid plan – FiRST Gold, including the chance to experience the latest 4G LTE smartphones through FiRST by Celcom’s newest feature - NewPhone™, which allows customers to exchange their 4G LTE smartphones to newer models anytime and stay up-to-date with the latest technology.

As Celcom continues to enhance and prosper its customers’ experience during the festive season, the telco also offers its limited-time deal for its prepaid segment –FATTNET from Xpax.

Zalman Aefendy Zainal Abidin, Chief of Sales and Marketing Officer of Celcom Axiata Berhad said with the rising trend and customer demands to stay abreast with the best plans and the latest 4G LTE smartphones, our new FiRST Gold plan now offers unarguably the greatest plans, including its all-new feature for all post-paid customers -- NewPhone™ which will provide unarguably the easiest way for one to change to the latest 4G LTE smartphones anytime.

“The all-new limited time only FiRST Gold plan now provides an increased data quota of 10GB monthly together with UNLIMITED CALLS and SMS for only RM80, including FREE unlimited music with Yonder Music for 12 months and carry forward unused Internet up to 5GB per month,” he added.
“Added with NewPhone™, the first and only feature that provides unarguably the easiest way to experience new 4G LTE smartphones in the market anytime. This is a tremendous boost to our customers who revel in staying up-to-date with the newer models which come with innovative technology,” he said.

“Starting from as low as RM55, Celcom’s post-paid customers can enjoy a brand new phone without having to pay the full price or any upfront charges anymore. After 12 months, customers can easily return the phone and exchange with the latest model without any fee or extra cost. NewPhone™ also include additional features like Device Protection, no commitment to any plan or contract and with the most affordable monthly payments.

“To top it off, Celcom’s prosperous Chinese New Year deals offer a limited-time offer --FATTNET from Xpax, which provides an increased data quota of 8GB monthly including FREE 88 minutes for calls and FREE 88 SMS and Unlimited Internet Burung Hantu.”

“Until 29 February 2016, Xpax users who download and activate Yonder Music, will enjoy unlimited music at zero internet charges, and also receive an additional RM10 free credit. Those who sign up with FiRST™ or Xpax by Celcom are also eligible to enjoy Celcom’s Millions of Giveaways which ends on 15 March 2016.

“Celcom is thrilled to be giving the best offers for this festive season and they have been personalised to cater to the ever changing digital needs of Malaysians. It goes without saying that these new and enhanced plans complement correspondingly to our customers’ usage behaviour, and are powered by the country’s widest and fastest 4G network,’’ he said.

Hurry and be the first to subscribe to unarguably the greatest deal – FiRST Gold and grab the latest 4G LTE smartphones in the market with NewPhone™ and enjoy Celcom’s Chinese New Year limited time Internet pack-- FATTNET from Xpax, by visiting the nearest Blue Cube stores and selected Celcom Xclusive Partners. For more information on the packages and price plans, visit