We know how a heartbreak feels like but what does it look like? Koby Soto knows, and has data to share.  He was having a tough day when his S.O. decided to end things over the phone. It was a traumatic experience for him but when he checked his Fitbit later that day, it revealed how his heart rate skyrocketed.

He posted the image below to show it off to a couple of his tech friends.

“It’s funny, because [the Fitbit] thought I was working out, but I wasn’t doing anything.” It’s a curious find, as pre-break-up Soto’s heart rate was only 60 BPM, but after the bad news it jumped as high as 120 BPM.

“Everyone’s had a breakup, so everyone knows the feeling. It’s interesting to see the literal measurements and not to just talk about emotions.”