When creating plastic structures by joining plastics together it is best to opt for molecular bonding. This is where plastics are welded together, as this results in a strong and reliable join. You can get all the tools and kit you need from plastic welding suppliers.

Plastic is one of the most heavily used materials in the world. A few typical applications are for food packaging, bowls, cups, toys, radios, automotive parts, surgical instruments, tubing, testing equipment, shower curtains, polymer clothing, vinyl flooring and for military applications. When these plastic extrusion are made they require joining of plastics together, and there are a few different ways in which this can be done. Mechanical joining uses snap fits and screws to join plastics together, whilst chemical bonding uses adhesives and solvents. The third option is molecular bonding, which is also known as plastic welding.

Plastic welding creates a join through the use of hot air tools, and this form is a lot more effective than mechanical and chemical joins. With plastic welding you get a stronger, more reliable join and one which will not deteriorate in quality over time. It can also be simple and straightforward to carry out, provided you have the right tools for the job. The process of molecular bonding involves pressing, heating and cooling stages. This can be done on a wide range of plastics, including PVC, PP, MDPE, LDPE, ABS, PP and HDPE.

If you are welding a plastic that is in the range of 3­8mm then you can use a hand held tool, such as a hot air gun. Plastics thicker than this will require an extrusion gun, as this extrudes a bead which will allow for a strong enough join between the thermoplastics.

In addition to hand held tools and extrusion guns, you can also get a plastic welding kit. These kits will give you everything that you need for different plastic welding applications. This could be a floor welding kit for vinyl floors, a general plastic repairs kit, a tarpaulin repair kit or a vehicle plastic repair kit. For the best repair kits, tools and machines it is important to use trusted suppliers, as this way you can be sure that you will be getting the best equipment that will allow for accurate results.

Once you have all you need for plastic welding then it can be carried out by anyone. This could be for laying vinyl flooring, creating a banner, shower curtain, roof membrane or a consumer product. Provided that the two thermoplastics are compatible, then welding will be the best way to create a join between the two structures. With molecular bonding you get a strong, reliable join and one which will not deteriorate in quality over time. When this join is made with tools and machines of the highest quality it will also find it straightforward and easy to get precise results no matter what the application is.