Have you finished binge watching season two of House of Cards? If so, then you'll know how beautiful the cinematography in it is. In an interview with Go Creative, the Igor Martinovic, the show's cinematographer tells how he crafted the show's unique visual style.

The show is made up of composed shots, dark lighting and subdued colors. It is a deliberate strategy formulated by the show's directors together with Martinovic.

Martinovic also talks about how the camera is very still throughout the series, and there is not a single steadicam shot. It never pans and tilts at the same time and there is a stark conrast to the rpevailing filmic style of fluid motion and dynamism.

The series was shot in a RED Epic camera, and although the raw footage is in 5K resolution, the composing was all done in a 4K frame. Check it out: [NoFilmSchool]