At the domestic weekend box office, "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" defeated "John Wick: Chapter 4" last weekend's winner, earning $38.5 million from 3,855 North American theaters in its first weekend.

Paramount and eOne's adaptation of the well-known role-playing game outperformed forecasts, which had predicted a premiere between $30 million and $40 million, thanks to favorable reviews and great word-of-mouth.

"Dungeons & Dragons" earned $33 million internationally from 58 markets, totalling $71.5 million. The movie cost $150 million before its extensive marketing effort, so ticket sales must continue robustly in the upcoming weeks. 

 Hardcore D & D players boosted the opening-day attendance using DnD 5e point buy. Still, analysts predict that when the movie continues to play in theaters, broader audiences who may be less familiar with the game will find it interesting. 

The success of D&D's opening weekend box office can be attributed to several factors. For starters, the film boasts an all-star cast and crew led by prominent Hollywood actors like Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, and director Jonathan Goldstein (Horrible Bosses). The filmmakers also made sure to remain true to the source material, which helped attract fans of the long-running franchise.

In addition, D&D has been able to draw in new audiences who may not have been familiar with the series prior to the movie's release. This is likely due in part to the increased accessibility of the game in recent years, which has made it easier for non-traditional players to pick up and play.

This weekend's success also demonstrates how well D&D has been able to translate its world and characters onto the big screen. For many fans, seeing their beloved characters come alive with spectacular visuals was a dream come true. The filmmakers also effectively captured the spirit of exploration and adventure that makes D&D so appealing, which undoubtedly contributed to its massive box office receipts.

The "D&D" movie adaptation is regarded as a further move forward for Hollywood, which has historically struggled to adapt games for the big screen even if its box office campaign is far from over. However, with the success of Sony's "Uncharted" and Paramount's "Sonic the Hedgehog" and their 2022 sequel, adaptations have recently turned around. The Super Mario Bros. Movie from Universal and Illumination, which debuts next weekend, is anticipated to carry on the trend and has the potential to rank among the top films of the year.

The PG-13 film "Dungeons and Dragons" was directed by John Francis Daley ("Game Night") and Jonathan Goldstein and centered on a charming thief (Chris Pine) and a group of unusual adventurers (including Michelle Rodriguez and Regé-Jean Page) who pull off an elaborate theft to find a stolen artifact. The movie received an "A-" CinemaScore from viewers, which is encouraging even though "Super Mario Bros." will soon be a rival.

According to Chris Aronson, president of domestic distribution at Paramount, "These exit polls are outstanding." "Our directors have told this story in a way that is understandable to everyone. They have extraordinary talent.

"Dungeons & Dragons" brings to a close an unexpectedly successful March at the box office, which saw "Scream," "Creed," and "John Wick" set opening weekend franchise records and may spark a new series with "D&D." "Shazam! Fury of the Gods," which debuted in March and cost $110 million but has so far only made $53 million in North America and $119 million worldwide, is one of the newcomers who most certainly won't be receiving a sequel.

With $28.2 million from 3,855 locations, "John Wick: Chapter 4" came in second place, a remarkable performance for its second tour. The action sequel has made $122.7 million in North America and $245 million worldwide after two weeks on the big screen. 

It's clear from this opening weekend performance that Dungeons & Dragons is here to stay. With more installments of the film adaptation already planned for the future, D&D fans have plenty more exciting adventures to look forward to. And with the increasing popularity of tabletop gaming, D&D is sure to remain a famous brand for years to come. Such an excellent performance at the weekend box office is just another example of why this beloved franchise continues to be such an enduring phenomenon.

For those who haven't experienced Dungeons & Dragons yet, this past weekend's success may be the perfect time to dive in and see all the excitement! Who knows - you might discover a world of adventure that will last you a lifetime!