Although all of us strive to maintain youthful, radiant skin, our efforts often fall well short of our goal. For those of us without naturally flawless skin, effective skincare can seem like an endless exercise in trial and error. While getting the skin you desire can be tricky, it isn’t nearly as daunting as you may have come to believe. So, if glowing, blemish-free skin is what you’re after, take care to avoid the following skincare missteps.

Treating Fungal Acne Like Regular Acne 
As an underdiagnosed problem, fungal acne (also known as pityrosporum folliculitis) is also a frequently-mistreated problem. Despite being very similar in appearance to regular acne, fungal acne isn’t actually acne, but rather an overproduction of yeast in the hair follicles. This problem tends to manifest in the forms of itchy red bumps that appear on the face, shoulders and back. 

The problem with treating fungal acne like regular acne is that doing so often exacerbates the issue instead of fixing it. For example, continuing to use cleansers, moisturizers and other skincare products that contain oils is liable to make the yeast overgrowth even worse. As such, when treating fungal acne, get rid of any skincare products that contain oils and opt for oil-free alternatives. Additionally, keep in mind that fungal acne can be very stubborn, so don’t throw in the towel if you don’t see immediate results. 

If you’re unclear on whether you’re dealing with fungal acne or traditional acne, consult a knowledgeable dermatologist. In addition to providing you with confirmation, this person will be able to recommend a treatment plan that’s uniquely suited to your needs. 

Using the Wrong Moisturizer 
Although moisturizer is an integral part of many people’s skincare regimens, a surprising number of us are actually using the wrong moisturizer. There are a variety of different skin types, and in order to enjoy the full benefits of moisturizing, you’ll need to use one that’s perfectly suited to your particular skin type. For example, using a moisturizer that’s specially formulated for dry skin on oily skin – or using a moisturizer formulated for oily skin on dry skin – is liable to leave your skin dull and irritated. So, the next time you find yourself in the market for a new moisturizer, remember to pay special attention to the skin type for which it’s listed as being formulated. 

While washing your face is an essential component of any healthy skincare routine, it’s possible to overdo it. Washing your face too often is liable to strip your skin of essential oils, potentially damaging the moisture barrier and leaving you with dry, irritation-prone skin. Outside of extreme circumstances, you should wash your face no more than twice a day. Furthermore, make sure to promptly follow up each wash by applying moisturizer. 

Depending on your skin type and whether you wear makeup, you may only need to give your face one daily cleansing as opposed to two. For instance, if your skin is naturally dry, you don’t wear makeup and your face doesn’t get particularly dirty throughout the day, one daily face-wash should be more than sufficient. Alternatively, if you’re absolutely married to the “two washes per day” regimen, consider doing one full face-wash and one water rinse instead of two daily cleansings. 

Never Consulting a Dermatologist 
If you’re dealing with chronic acne, inflammation, rashes or any other skin issues that simply won’t go away, you’d do well to consult a dermatologist instead of self-diagnosing. Since self-diagnosis often results in improper treatment, it’s important that you nip any pressing skin issues in the bud. In addition to providing you with a professional diagnosis, a dependable dermatologist will be able to offer recommendations and prescriptions for assorted medications and skincare products, like collagen peptides powder packets
For many of us, effective skincare is an uphill battle. Although we seemingly use all the right products and follow all the right routines, the perpetually plump, youthful skin we’re after continually eludes us. However, without even realizing it, we may be making a number of damaging skincare blunders. So, if your current skincare regimen is failing to produce the desired results, there’s a good chance you’re making a few well-intentioned mistakes. In the interest of attaining your ideal skin, make an effort to avoid the blunders discussed above.