Diseases based on any kind of addiction are one of the leading factors of disability today. At the same time, medical care for them is so specific that only a drug treatment clinic is needed. At the same time, it is important to choose the medical institution where the assistance provided will be most effective. Drug treatment clinic should be selected according to a number of criteria.

What is a drug treatment clinic, what is treated

You need to know the parameters for choosing a suitable drug treatment clinic. Any drug addiction is a complex disease, and its treatment also requires an integrated approach.

In the modern version, this means:

treatment motivation (work of a psychologist, psychotherapist, etc.);
Pharmacological therapy of impaired metabolism;
a comprehensive examination to identify the level of damage to all organs and systems, followed by rehabilitation;
Physiotherapeutic procedures to replenish health reserves;
social adaptation (formation of protected social stereotypes).

In addition, the modern market of medical services makes it possible to choose the form of obtaining medical care. Of course, inpatient treatment is considered the most effective. In an acute condition, it is possible to call emergency drug treatment at home.

Thus, when choosing a clinic, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

availability of a license for the type of activity and certificates confirming the qualifications of personnel;
availability of the necessary equipment;
recommendations and feedback from patients;
service quality assurance;
Follow-up of the patient after the course of treatment.
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Only an integrated approach to treatment can achieve the proper quality, provide a person with a return to a full, normal life without addictions.

Features, benefits, modern treatment at the MedicoMente clinic

Contacting the MedicoMente clinic is a good choice. The medical institution employs competent specialists with extensive experience in their field. As a result, a comprehensive restoration of health, painless elimination of drug addiction is guaranteed.

Benefits of choosing MedicoMente clinic:

The possibility of examination not only by a doctor of related practice, but also by narrow specialists (neurologist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist and others), if necessary;
Performing high-quality detoxification, taking into account the choice of a suitable method;
offer of an outpatient stage - maintenance therapy is provided within a year after the end of treatment, which includes health monitoring, personal and remote consultations;
The main treatment is selected individually depending on the state of health and may include pharmacological, aversive, infusion therapy, psychotherapy and other methods;
The initial consultation is offered free of charge – it takes the form of a friendly conversation with the patient himself and his relatives (optional) to identify the main problems and the correct selection of effective methods for their elimination.

Narcological diseases are completely curable under the condition of successful cooperation between the doctor and the patient. Be healthy!