If you are trying to find the exact cost of dental loupes, you will find plenty of different figures when you look at different brands. There are plenty of companies out there who don’t really wish to display the prices of their dental loupes on their websites. The main reason behind not displaying the prices is so that they can put up customized prices based on the customer requirements. 

For getting a better understanding of the cost of dental loupes, let us have a look at the three categories in which the prices are usually categorized. 

1. Cheap Loupes

If you go through the eBay or Amazon websites, you will be able to find loupes for yourself for approximately $35-$50. The quality you receive from these sites and at these rates is pretty low where the glasses are not of optimum quality and the frames are made of pretty cheap quality plastic. Due to the poorly configured optics provided by these loupes, it would be doing more harm than good to your eyes.

2. Affordable Loupes

If you have a look at some good quality loupes from a reputable company, the prices of loupes would be starting from somewhere around $600. These loupes are usually sold online to customers who are looking for some basic ones. As these are not customized ones, the prices are somewhere in the affordable range.

3. Expensive Loupes

If you go with some reputed companies that are still working with the face-to-face appointment schemes, the prices of the loupes will still go high. These loupes are customized ones where fittings are checked along with the preference of the customer. These loupes might cost around $4000-$5000. The reason behind a significant increase in the cost of loupes is because of the sales team that has been put behind to check fittings and everything. 

These are the three categories based on which the prices of the dental loupes might vary a lot. Other than that, there are plenty of other reasons too due to which the price of the dental loupes might vary.

Types of Loupes

Another significant reason that might determine the prices of dental loupes is the type of loupe you are choosing. If you wish to go with the best dental loupes, you will definitely have to pay a bit more than the usual ones. If we decide based on the types of dental loupes, it has been seen that flip up loupes are the cheapest ones among all the other ones. The reason behind it being cheap is because they are mass-produced and there is no need for customizations based on individuals. On the other hand, TTL (through-the-lens) loupes are found to be pretty expensive as they are manufactured based on every individual’s requirements.

Why are Dental Loupes found to be so expensive?

There are plenty of factors that would determine the price of dental loupes other than its manufacturing. One of the major components that influence the price of dental loupes is the process through which you are purchasing the loupes. 

For instance, if you are purchasing from a traditional dental loupes company, then there would be a sales representative coming up to take your order. This is considered to be an expensive process of purchasing loupes. Here, the price of your loupes would also consist of the travel expenses and the salary of the sales representative. On the other hand, not all sales representative appointments would turn out to be successful. This is the reason why the prices of everyone’s loupes are increased to cover up for the visits that had been unsuccessful.

If there is a large team of sales representatives, then they would need an office. This would become another expense that will be affecting the price of your loupes. On top of all these are the loupe companies that sell their loupes in the dental trade shows. One stand at any such show, and they would be able to secure plenty of sales for their company.

The most affordable ones are the companies that are providing loupes online. If you have a look at the companies such as Loupedirect, you will be able to receive online loupes without any hidden costs that are influenced due to a sales team. They make use of digital methods for taking all the necessary measurements. So, you will be receiving your dental loupes at a pretty reduced cost. 

Final Words

The cost of dental loupes would vary based on different factors such as brand, customized options, and the process of purchasing. It is better to go with an online loupe company for getting the required quality at affordable prices and at your convenience. This is the reason why a majority of dental professionals prefer purchasing dental loupes from online websites of some famous brands. If you are looking for the best dental loupes then visit the loupedirect.com that provides top quality and affordable dental loupes.