If you are enthusiastic about different tea blends, then you are no stranger to Ceylon tea. The tea is popular for its distinct fragrant aroma and bold crisp rich citrus flavor. Did you know that Ceylon tea is originally from the highlands of Sri Lanka? There are many varieties of the tea that you can enjoy. They include:

Black tea
Green tea
White tea

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Reasons why it is best to drink Ceylon tea at night

One great reason why you need to drink the rich spicy tea is its numerous health benefits, especially when drank at night. Drinking the citrus flavored tea during the day is also a great thing, but if you want to maximize all the wonderful benefits of the tea, then night time is the best time to enjoy the tea. Here is why:

Radiant skin

During the day, your skin may be exposed to the sun increasing its rate of aging and chances of developing skin cancer. If you want to achieve a vibrant soft skin while protecting your skin from the risks of developing cancer, then this spicy tea is what you need. The tea contains polyphenols that will help protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Another reason why the tea is great for your skin is because it contains antioxidants that will prevent your skin from damage and control the ageing process of developing wrinkles and fine lines. Drinking this delicious tea at night gives it enough time to work on your skin and reinforce it against the effects of the sun and time. You can also rub the green tea version of the tea directly to your skin at night before bed, to help restore the natural glow of your skin.

Promotes sleep

Have you been struggling to fall asleep at night? Maybe all you need is a hot delicious cup of this citrus flavored tea to help you sleep easily during the night time. The green tea version of the spicy tea is particularly great in improving the quantity and quality of sleep. This is because the green tea contains theanine, a compound that helps to reduce the stress hormones in your body and lowers the level of neuron excitement in your body. Your brain becomes more relaxed prompting you to fall asleep faster. Research shows that drinking 3 to 4 cups of low caffeinated green tea (750 ml to 1000 ml), can help reduce levels of fatigue and stress, which helps to improve the quality of sleep.

Boosts immunity

As we stated earlier, the tea contains antioxidants to protect the skin. The antioxidants also increase the number of white blood cells in the body, which in turn boosts your immunity. The tea also has catechins, which have antibacterial and antiviral properties that will help your body fight harmful bacteria and viruses. This makes the spicy tea perfect for coughs and flu, especially on those cold nights. The black tea version contains lemon, which is rich in bioflavonoid quercetin and vitamin C that act as anti-histamine to boost the immunity of the body. Drinking this tea regularly at night will help your body develop a strong immune system as you sleep.

Weight loss

Do you desire to reduce some weight, but you never find enough time to go to the gym? This delicious spicy tea will help you cut back some weight effortlessly without breaking a sweat. The green tea contains catechins like EGCG, which activate the enzymes that break down fat in the body, thereby reducing the accumulation of fat. A study carried out on people who regularly consumed the spicy green tea showed that they noticed a reduction in their abdominal fat, body weight, and waist circumference.

The black tea is also helpful in aiding weight loss. The tea contains zero calories so if you are concerned about your calorie intake, then you have nothing to worry about. The black tea also has flavonoids, which increase the metabolism rate, thereby breaking down fat much faster. When you take the green tea or black tea during the night, the metabolism rate increases, and the fat is broken down as you sleep. By doing this regularly, you could wake up to a thinner waist each morning.

The tea has many other health benefits that will improve your nights. Reach out to Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company today through our online tea and coffee shop, and order your loose leaf tea (black, green, or white), and we will deliver them to you in secure, high quality tea bags. This tea will help you avoid many visits to the doctor and make your nights more comfortable and sweeter.