Physical activity is often not a part of our daily to-do list even though we know that it comes with many benefits for our body, our immune system as well as our mental health.

Most of us don't pay any attention to physical health when we are having a good life because we think as to why to fix something that isn't broken in the first place?

But lack of activity acts like a slow poison that does not kill you directly but makes way for various causes that can make your body unhealthy and sick.

Gaining Excessive Body Weight:

This is not the worst thing that happens to your body due to lack of physical activity, but it is the most noticeable impact on many people. People who live a primarily sedentary life put on weight gradually, so they don't even realize that obesity has hit them.

Obesity can make a person physically unappealing to some people, and it may even cause body image but it can also bring along a variety of heart diseases, poor blood circulation, and sexual dysfunctions in men.

Hormonal Imbalance:

Physical activity is vital for our internal body mechanisms as it is vital for the production of various hormones as well as the release of serotonin, which is important for our mental health and good mood.

People who don't engage in physical activities have difficulty relaxing due to a lack of oxytocin and melatonin in their body, whose production can be triggered by activities such as walking and running.

Testosterone plays a key role in both men's and women's sexual drive, which is affected if there is a lack of physical activities. Because testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, it makes men suffer from erectile dysfunction which can be treated by medications such as Super Tadarise, Vilitra 60 and Vidalista 60 if the cause is poor blood circulation.

In women, lack of physical activities has been linked with irregular menstrual cycles and fertility issues.

Heart Diseases and Damage to the Blood Circulatory System:

Most of the people who suffer from obesity are at direct risk of suffering from a variety of heart diseases, and it does some severe damage to the parts of the body that are directly involved in the process of blood circulation. Sitting for long hours at a stretch regularly can block your veins and arteries which can cause conditions such as pulmonary arterial hypertension, coronary arterial diseases as well as other cardiac diseases.

Not participating in physical activities has shown to make diseases such as diabetes worse, and people who participate in physical activities are able to manage their heart conditions better.

Even conditions induced due to heart conditions and poor blood circulation such as erectile dysfunction which is treated with medications such as Vilitra 20 and Vidalista 20 can be managed much better with regular physical activities.

Mental Health Issues:

Our brain is a complex organ with various neuro-messengers running to and fro for making our bodywork efficiently, but with less physical activities our bodies can be low on dopamine which results in a variety of mental health disorders such as depression, but they may start off subtle such as memory issues or difficulty in focusing. This is one of the reasons that most people who do strenuous mental work engage in some time of physical activities.

Not just these areas, but lack of physical activities can also lower your body's ability to fight off diseases, and thus making you sick in the long way run.

Of course, there are a variety of medications such as Vilitra 40 which will give you relief from diseases induced by lack of physical activities such as erectile dysfunction, or you can take up some daily physical activities such as walking or playing a sport and enjoy a healthier body and more alert brain!