Suffering from dry eyes can be an incredibly irritating and often painful ailment to suffer with. Even though dry eyes tend not to be a bigger or more serious issue, it can still be a pain for people to have to deal with. The most commonly identified symptoms of dry eyes are burning, pain, redness, tearing up, blurry vision, and a gritty sensation. These symptoms show up due to your eyes not being able to produce the tears that they need to. The tears are needed to keep our eyes hydrated and lubricated. 

Drops and ointments
When suffering from dry eyes, it’s important to know that there are lots of over-the-counter options for helping to minimize symptoms and providing your eyes with more comfort. 

Medication can also be prescribed for people suffering from particularly bad types of dry eyes. The most commonly prescribed medication for dry eyes is an inflammatory called cyclosporine (Restasis). This drug is a great option as it helps increase the number of tears that our eyes produce. This has the knock-on effect of minimizing the damage that can happen to our cornea. 

If you find that your dry eye issues are still causing your irritation, then you might have a more severe form of dry eye and need to use corticosteroid eye drops for a short time while your medication kicks in.  

Contacts and glasses
If you are a sufferer of dry eye and also have vision problems, then it is very important to be careful when you are choosing what type of contacts to use. Daily contact lenses can give you the most comfort as they are thin material and can feel very comfortable in your eyes. It is also worth knowing that the type of material your contacts are made of can vary. The best contact lenses for dry eyes are made of scleral. 

Although dry eyes usually aren’t too much cause for concern, they can, on occasion, require surgery. This will only be the case for people who suffer from severe dry eye syndrome, and you have already tried other treatments such as ointments and drops. This type of surgery would involve the drainage holes at the inner corners of your eyes being permanently plugged-in order to constantly allow your eyes to keep a needed number of tears.

Home remedies
So, if you are starting your journey to improve your dry eyes, you might find yourself staring at a range of home remedies. One of the best home remedies found to help minimize symptoms of dry eyes is omega-3s. Fish oil tablets are a great way of getting this omega-3s.

Another way that has been found to help with dry eyes is by getting a humidifier in your home, which helps by giving the air more moisture. There are also some lifestyle changes that can be made, such as:

Stopping smoking
Stopping drinking alcohol

Both of these have been found to be common factors in people who suffer from dry eyes, so it's definitely worth dropping these habits.