Being a new parent can mean having to absorb a lot of judgment. It can sometimes feel like every one of your friends and family has their own opinion on how you should be raising your child—but the most important thing is giving your kid as many opportunities to be successful and helpful as possible. 

What to feed your baby can have a dramatic impact on that, and there are some serious advantages to using a natural formula. Forget about the anecdotes, and turn your attention to these five dramatic advantages that an organic baby formula offers.

1. It Reduces Exposure to Pesticides
Children grow at a sometimes terrifying rate, and that means that they eat a lot more for their body weight than adults do. Having a voracious appetite can actually be a positive thing for a child—but that also means your baby could potentially be absorbing more toxins and other dangerous chemicals into their body. 

Organic baby formulas ensure that your baby’s dinner is free of any pesticides. While a non-organic formula won’t necessarily cause developmental disorders, there are plenty of reasons to be concerned about the types of poisons used in many typical pesticides.

2. It Can Boost Mental Development
You can be relieved knowing that natural baby formula doesn’t include chemicals that could stunt your infant’s developmental growth—but an even more exciting advantage is that the nutrients in organic baby formula can actually nurture neurological development. 

The organic nature of these formulas means that they’re positively packed with important nutrients, but the most important inclusion is how well these formulas balance Omega-3 fatty acids. Having the right amount of fatty acids can dramatically decrease the risk of anxiety and depression and could potentially reduce the risk of having to struggle with those conditions later in life.

3. It Can Mitigate Gastrointestinal Issues
Gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea, indigestion, and flatulence are common, and you shouldn’t be worried if your child experiences some discomfort with their formula. But if it becomes a chronic issue, it could be a sign of a deeper-seated issue. 

And while a negative GI response isn’t necessarily a sign of something serious, you could see positive results by moving towards a natural formula. Whether the source is allergies or a response to GMOs in a formula, you can usually resolve the issue by moving towards a simpler and fully organic alternative like Milk Drunk.

4. You Know What You’re Getting
Chemistry has made our ability to produce and preserve food easier than ever before, but it’s also put up a wall between the consumer and their ability to actually understand what they’re putting in their body. 

The number of potential preservatives, chemicals, and other substances in non-organic formulas is too many to name—and even if you can make sense of the scientific names for the ingredients, it can be hard to know what the real impact on your baby will be. 

By investing in an organic solution, you’re reducing the presence of unknown variables that could be negatively impacting your child’s health.

5. It’s Rich in Vitamin E
A natural formula offers the most practical combination of vitamins, but vitamin E is one of the most important nutrients. This powerhouse of a vitamin is responsible for everything from supporting your immune system to producing red blood cells. Regular absorption of vitamin E builds stronger defenses against illness, and there are few sources of vitamin E as rich as an organic baby formula.

Choosing what to give your baby can be a difficult choice, but don’t let yourself get lost among all the varied but well-intentioned advice. The health benefits of organic baby formula are too good to dismiss.